Emergency Planning & Response

Phone: 604-982-9959
Email: emergencyresponse@squamish.net

Manager: David Harrison
Email: David_Harrison@squamish.net

The Emergency Planning & Response team focuses on increasing the Nation’s capacity to respond to emergencies like fires, floods, and heatwaves by providing the first 72-hour emergency support services to on-reserve Members and initial emergency support services to off-reserve Members.

To receive timely and important notifications and updates on critical events and other issues, sign up for Voyent Alert! It’s anonymous and only takes a few minutes to register. Members can receive notifications about critical events by phone, SMS, text, email, or app notification.

To reduce the risks of wildfires, the team is working towards making our communities FireSmart through education, vegetation management, legislation and planning, development considerations, interagency cooperation, emergency planning, and cross-training.

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