North Shore Resources: Free and Low-Cost Food Guide

The North Shore Emergency Management website has a resource directory with a “wide range of services and supports available to North Shore residents who are in need of assistance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This resource directory provides links to community service organizations with a focus on those serving the North Shore.”

There are many resources listed including Families and Childcare, Food, Seniors, Youth, Housing and Shelter, etc.

View the resources and regularly updated Food Guide lists (under Food):

No-Cost and Low-Cost Food Guide PDF April 30,2020
Grocery Store Food Guide PDF April 30, 2020

2020 Grad Letter from School District 44

Letter to 2020 Grads (Download – SD44)
Details of Graduation Requirements and Student Assessments (Download – SD44)

April 24, 2020

Dear Grads and Grad Parents,

In an earlier communication to parents, I acknowledged how the current disruption due to COVID-19 has impacted our students, particularly our Grade 12s. I want to acknowledge the frustration, anger, regret and grief you are likely feeling right now – it is real, normal and completely understandable. Your final year of secondary school has been profoundly changed by something that is out of your control. The opportunity to share the excitement of the final three months of school and anticipation about plans for next year, in person with your friends at school, is gone. And, taking in your last memories of the place that has been ‘home’ for the past five years is no longer an option. For many of you, the final season of sports, year-end choir/band concert, drama production and art show have been postponed or cancelled. As I hear often in my own house, “this sucks!” To complicate matters, you are also wondering about the impacts on graduation requirements, final marks and transcripts, and, of course, your graduation ceremonies. I would like to take this opportunity to provide you and your families with some updates about your graduation program and ceremonies.

Graduation Program:

We have prepared the attached Graduation Program document that provides important information about this year’s graduation program. It also clarifies information published in the Ministry of Education’s Continuity of Learning FAQ.

Please take some time to read through this document as it contains information that you need to know right now. If you have further questions, please contact your school Principal.

Graduation Ceremonies:

On Monday, April 20, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry reiterated there is still a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people and we are not confident that this will change before the end of June. Concerning large celebrations, Dr. Henry stated:

“It’s not going to be a big party where everybody gets together because that’s too risky. It means that you might spread this. And if you have all of those contacts, they’re going to bring it home to their families and their loved ones. We need to look at how we do it in a much smaller scale, with those who are close to us, and bring people in remotely to celebrate with us.”

We know this news is frustrating for our graduates and their families but these measures are put in place by the Provincial Health Officer with our collective health and safety in mind. With this ban in place, it is not possible for us to hold a grad ceremony as we have in the past, in front of an audience, with all of your graduating class on stage.

We also know that High School Graduation is a rite of passage that carries with it much significance for our students and also for families and loved ones. The act of ‘walking across the stage’, through that virtual threshold of childhood and moving into the adult world is something we don’t want you to miss. We want you to have your moment, for yourself, and also to share with others.

We have placed a tentative hold on theatre space for late August and also in December. However, there is no certainty about changes to the ban on large gatherings and we could be waiting to celebrate indefinitely. It would be unfortunate to have to wait months and months for our graduates to have their ceremonies when some may be unavailable to attend, and the moment will have passed.

With this in mind, we are working with your school Principal, Vice-Principal and grad ceremony planning committees to create a virtual graduation celebration for each of our secondary schools that will be unique to Grad 2020 in the North Vancouver School District. This will need to be quite different than what we have done in the past but you will walk across the graduation stage in a cap and gown and you will have a photograph in your formal outfit. We know this is important. You will also be able to celebrate with your friends and loved ones online while watching a video of your graduation ceremony at the same time (release date to be announced). To make this happen we will need to be creative, innovative and adaptable – exactly the attributes the graduates of 2020 are made of! Your schools will be providing you with further details in the next week. Please watch for communications from your school as there will be information from you they require in a short timeframe, in order to make this a success!

My commitment to you, is that you will be celebrated, and it will be special. This is an important time for you and all those in your lives who have contributed to you getting to this point …your family, friends and school staff. We are extremely proud of you and are looking forward to commemorating each and every one of our graduates in the best way possible!

Mark Pearmain
Superintendent of Schools


April 21st, 2020 – On Thursday, April 16th, the Squamish Nation Council voted to declare a state of emergency as a result of COVID-19.

Declaring a local state of emergency allows the Nation to take additional measures to ensure it has the resources required to maintain essential services, as well as to implement orders to provide for the health of residents on the reserves and to prevent the spread of contagious and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

These measures include the authority to:
• acquire or use any land or personal property considered necessary to prevent, respond to, or alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 emergency, including the use of buildings to assist with the increased demands for healthcare, shelter and childcare;
• procure on a first-priority basis any clothing, equipment, medical supplies or other essential supplies required to cope with the emergency, for the duration of the emergency; and,
• restrict, limit or prohibit the use or occupancy of any premises within the Squamish Nation reserves.

The Squamish Nation enacted this declaration under Sections 81 and 86 of the Indian Act, which gives the Council powers to enact bylaws. The bylaw is posted online at

The Squamish Nation will work with local law enforcement agencies and the First Nations Integrated Policing Unit to help educate residents and trespassers about the bylaw. Squamish Nation staff are exploring additional strategies to use awareness and education initiatives before exercising more severe measures such as fines.

The Squamish Nation is continuing to monitor the provincial and federal health orders and will anticipate and address issues in this pandemic crisis. The Nation also continues to provide emergency financial support to members in crisis through its Emergency Support Services. Members are encouraged to contact 604-980-4553 and speak to an intake officer if they require assistance.

For more details, see “A By-law to Declare a State of Emergency in the Squamish Nation” at

— 30 —

Media Contact:
Lauren Hutchison, Sr. Communications Officer
604-363-4055 /

Letter to Parents: Kindergarten to Grade 12

Ha7lh Skwayel families,

Squamish Nation Parents K-12, we hope you and your families are all safe and well during this time. The Advocacy, Support & Assessment (ASA) team has been connecting with the schools and are currently looking for ways the Squamish Nation can help support our students. Please keep an eye on Squamish Nation’s Facebook page and website and the Advocates FB group page, for updates from our team.

All school districts and independent schools have advised the Squamish Nation that our ASA team should direct parents and guardians to reach out to their child’s school principal or teacher to see how their program will be delivered. Each district/independent school has been a little different with their instructional planning. Some may provide electronic support and some may provide hard copy learning packages. This may also vary depending on the age of the student, with younger grades doing more hard copy work than electronic work.

Once you have contacted the school or teacher, and if you find that you require support, please connect with the ASA team and we will work with you and the school to implement an education plan.

Please note that we are a small team of two advocates for kindergarten to grade 12, we are committed to providing support to each of our students in the best way possible, but due to the volume of emails, our replies may not be as timely as we would like them.

Thank you, take care,
Huy chewx a, we chewx yu.
Elementary School Advocate
FB Group:
“Squamish Nation Elementary School Student Advocate”
High School Advocate
FB Group:
“Squamish Nation High School Student Advocate”
Manager & Post-secondary Advocate

North Vancouver School District Letter

Squamish Nation Letter to Parents K- 12

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