Advocacy, Support & Assessment

Manager: Cherie Baker
Phone: 604-982-7600

Education is an inherent right; it is lifelong and holistic. Education is central to our growth as a prosperous, healthy and self-governing Nation.

Program staff work to inform students, parents, guardians, and membership of the K-12 education services and supports available through Ta7lnew̓ás. The Nation believes that by formalizing policies, all individuals interacting with the department will be treated in a way that reflects our commitment to excellence based on the following principles:

  • Enhance the educational outcomes for students
  • Support students with learning disabilities or special needs
  • Promote the overall well-being of students
  • Ensure fairness, equality, and transparency

High School Advocate (10-12): TJ Nahanee

Middle School Advocate (5-9): Courtney Milne

Elementary Advocate (K-4): Yvonne Brekke

Inclusive Education Advocate: Catherine Wairimu

Funding for post-secondary education is available to qualified applicants. See application forms below.


Scholarships are available to students to offset educational costs:
Contact the coordinator at for assistance applying to these scholarships and others.

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