Income Tax Returns

Phone: 604-980-4553

It is a requirement of the Government of Canada that all income-earners file an annual tax return. Failure to file a return will result in the stoppage of certain payments, like HST Credit payments, Child Tax Credit payments and Old Age income supplement payments.

To ensure that Skwxwú7mesh Members receive all entitled payments, Estx̱wáy̓usem works with an external provider to coordinate the preparation of tax returns for Elders and Members receiving Income Assistance (IA).

Note: The following will be updated soon with information regarding the 2023 tax year.

This service is available to Members with simple income tax returns (eg. no business income or other complex situations).

It is free for Elders 55+, income assistance clients, and Members with a 2022 low income as set by the Canada Revenue Agency.*

If you are not eligible for the free service, you will be charged a discounted price.

*Maximum household income: 1 person: $26,500, 2 persons: $32,900, 3 persons: $40,500, 4 persons: $49,200, 5 persons: $55,700, 6 persons: $62,900, 7 persons or more: $70,000

This service is only available if you bring your documents to either Totem Hall, the H&R Block branch at 1754 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J7, or use the online file upload system at home or at the Main Office. If attending the H&R Block location in person, you will be required to show your status card. Please do not go to any other H&R Block locations.

Service for housebound Elders: H&R Block can provide an at home service for Elders who cannot attend the in-person intake days. For everyone’s safety, Elders should request this service if they have limited mobility, not an illness such as COVID-19.

To request an at home visit, please call the Main Office at 604-980-4553 or email Staff will assist in arranging for an H&R Block representative to go to your home to check your ID and have you sign paperwork.

Step 1: submit paperwork and sign forms
Members must submit their tax slips and any documentation from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Please note that you must sign the forms when submitting documents or else your return will not be processed. If uploading online, you will be prompted to complete all the required paperwork. You cannot drop off or submit documents for someone else. Nation staff cannot accept tax documents from Members.

Step 2: wait for processing
H&R Block will contact you if any further information is needed.

Step 3: sign the release form
You will be contacted when your return is ready. You will need to sign a release form which can be done in person or via email. If you are not eligible for the free service, you will need to pay the fee by cash or debit/credit card. Payment by card can also be processed over the phone. H&R Block requires payment before they can submit your tax return to the CRA.

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