Member Services

The purpose of Ts’ixwts’ixwnítway is to ensure that fair and equitable treatment and services are provided to all Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw Members.

Our department provides a wide variety of programs and services that relate to:

  • Residential lands
  • Housing
  • Membership code and distribution
  • Estates planning
  • Funerals and events
  • Emergency services to Members in need
  • Assisting Members involved with the justice & court systems, and 
  • Providing social activities at the North Vancouver Elders Centre


In addition, Ts’ixwts’ixwnítway has several policies and laws – such as the Membership Code and Election and Referendum Law – that are overseen by the department and contribute to equity for our Nation and our people.

Ts’ixwts’ixwnítway Reception
Phone: 604-982-7610
Email: memberservices@squamish.net
Fax: 604-982-7658
Address: Unit 6 – 380 Welch St, West Vancouver, BC V7P 0A7

Director, Member Services: Jordan-Ann Joseph

Director, Lands: Juniper Groves

Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Name:  Ts’ixwts’ixwnítway

“Ts’ixwts’ixwnítway” means to take care of one another or to be nice to each other. It comes from the word ts’ixwen (to pity [someone] or help [someone] out of trouble). This could be expressed as having compassion for each other.

Programs & Services

Emergency Services (Member Support Services)

The Emergency Services (Member Support Services) division is a resource for Members seeking emergency financial support. Emergency Service Officers complete an intake to determine emergency funding support; during this process they collect and review information to ensure all options are available to Nation Members. The team works with other departments, organizations, and agencies to ensure Members are able to access available services and resources.

In the event of an emergency, staff may issue the following Emergency Assistance to prevent undue hardship: food voucher, shelter (rent), utilities and hospital supports. Shelter is paid directly to the landlord and utilities are paid to the service provider.

Emergency Services Intake Form

Phone: 604-982-7610
Email: mss@squamish.net

For after-hours emergencies:
Phone: 604-505-3776
Email: Joe_Kwan@squamish.net

Funerals & Events

The Funerals & Events team provides funeral support to Members and families. This team also coordinates and supports events for the Nation.

Team Lead: Tallia Reginald
Phone: 604-219-0054 or 604-374-1126
Email: Tallia_Reginald@squamish.net

Justice & Court Supports

The Justice & Courts Supports division provides support to Members involved with the Justice & Courts systems. This may include liaising with Correctional Service Canada, BC Corrections, and others.

Justice Worker: Nic Campos
Phone: 604-369-4220 
Email: Nic_Campos@squamish.net


The Membership division registers births, deaths, marriages, and miscellaneous amendments to Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw Band Census, and maintains the Nation’s system for Member addresses and voters list.

Membership receives and processes completed membership applications for review by the Membership Committee, disperses a per capita payment (distribution) three times a year and the SN Trust cheques once a year, and sets up trust accounts for minor children. Direct deposit is available to Members in Canada and the United States.

Membership also issues status cards, provides statistical information to other departments, and provides blood quantum letters for Members seeking employment in the United States.

Membership Officer: Amanda Williams
Phone: 604-982-7610
Email: membership@squamish.net 


For Membership and Status Card Application Forms, please contact the Membership Officer.


The Estates division assists Members in administering the estate of deceased persons, provides guidance and support to survivors, and establishes proof of heirs in accordance with policies and procedures. 

This division takes action to assist clients to maximize economic advantages of assets, compiles information for preparation of final tax returns, ensures government forms are completed (e.g., Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Death Benefits, and Survivor Benefits), and provides an opportunity for Members to create a will. 

Estates provide an opportunity for Members to complete a will; assists Elders in applying for CPP, Old Age Security (OAS), and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS); provides guidance concerning Power of Attorney and Representative Agreements; and maintains the Family Tree database.

Estates Officer: Faye Yelton
Phone: 604-982-7610
Email: Faye_Yelton@squamish.net  

Elders Centre, North Vancouver

The Elders Centre in North Vancouver provides programs for Elders, age 55 and over, to support their social connection, independence and overall wellbeing. There are a variety of weekly activities like lunches, chair yoga, Squamish language class, weaving, drum-making and other traditional activities. 

A variety of outings are offered to visit different locations, so our Elders can enjoy the outdoors and the Lower Mainland. Our Elders also love a good party, so we have quarterly Birthday Lunches and a yearly Christmas Lunch.

Phone: 604-987-4646
Email: nv_elders@squamish.net
Fax: 604-987-8050

Outreach Services

The Outreach Services division provides outreach support services to Members in need. This may include liaising with local shelters and hospitals.

Emergency & Outreach Worker: Keith Nahanee
Phone: 778-628-0743
Email: Keith_Nahanee@squamish.net

Emergency & Outreach Worker: Pam Ryan
Phone: 604-364-9639
Email: Pam_Ryan@squamish.net

Land Registry

The Land Registry division maintains a database for residential lands of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw, registers new land transactions in accordance with the Squamish Nation Custom Allocation Policy and Certificate of Possession with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), and supplies maps to other departments for construction or utility purposes.

Land Registry assists Members in boundary disputes, conducts land status reports for surveyors in the event that land is being registered, processes new requests for lot allocations, sends letters to individuals to notify of changes in title, and verifies land title registration for internal/external decisions.

Director, Lands: Juniper Groves
Phone: 604-982-7610
Email: Juniper_Groves@squamish.net

Land Registry Officer: Charlene Baker
Email: Charlene_Baker@squamish.net

Housing List

The Housing List division:

  • Receives and processes completed applications relating to the housing and townhouse/tenplex lists
  • Examines applications, confirms validity based on terms and conditions of the Housing Policy
  • Issues, approves, and denies applications
  • Refers issues that have been denied to the Housing Appeals Committee

Lands Manager: Michael Montecalvo
Phone: 604-982-7610
Email: Michael_Montecalvo@squamish.net

For all Housing Application forms, please contact the Lands Manager.