Nexwniwnitway (Family Circle Program)

Facilitators/Coordinators: Fawnda Bullshields and Brandi Bailey
Phone: 604-985-4111

Nexwniwnitway (“nough-nay-owe-nate-why”) means to seek counsel, as in the sense of mutual intent to discuss, resolve, plan, and follow up. The goal of the Nexwniwnitway program is to enhance the community’s well-being by enabling and empowering families to advocate for themselves in child and family matters, while highlighting the importance of making healthy choices and assuming responsibility for their families and the community.

We welcome referrals for family circles from Nation Members and service providers, addressing various concerns related to Sḵwx̱wú7mesh children and families.

Sḵwx̱wú7mesh values and principles guide our discussions, ensuring that these values remain at the forefront of all our circles. Our participants include parents, extended family members, service providers, program specialists, Elders, cultural teachers, circle facilitators, and co-facilitators.

These circles encompass various types, such as prevention meetings, case planning conferences, family group conferences, and youth transition circles. Additionally, we hold ceremonies for youth aging out, to honor caregivers, or to celebrate a child’s return home to their parent. Some of these celebrations are referred to as rights of passage ceremonies or welcoming home ceremonies.

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