Ta na wa Ch’áwat ta Sx̱wéx̱wel
Squamish Valley Operations


Phone: 604-892-5166
Email: squamishrecreation@squamish.net

Manager: Lindsay Hubley
Phone: 604-848-2230

This team provides all sport and recreation, family, wellness and cultural, and community programs that meet the holistic needs of our Members. As part of this, the team manages the gym at Totem Hall, the fitness/weight room, and the Teen Centre.

A wide variety of programs are offered include sports, fitness, cultural classes, community gardening, and preteen and teen programs. Special events and programs include family movie nights, holiday parties, and events and dances. Information can be found on the Squamish Valley Recreation Facebook page.

Healthy Children’s Program

The Healthy Children’s Program is for 6-11 year olds and operates Monday to Thursday. All participants must register in advance. Programs include physical literacy, crafts, kickboxing, and more.

Family & Culture 

Recreation offers weekly programs including swimming, walking clubs, crafts, and other activities. Our cultural programming is also offered to families and includes drum making, weaving, and other arts.

The Teen Centre in Brackendale is run by the Recreation team and offers pre-teen programs for ages 10-12 and teen programs for 12-18 years.

Drop-in and planned programs are offered every day, and can include arts, fitness, holiday parties, or special trips. Times and programs are scheduled between preteens and teens.

Check the Squamish Valley newsletter for the programming schedule or contact squamishrecreation@squamish.net.

Hours: Monday to Friday
Time: 8:30 am to 10:00 pm

A variety of personal trainers and instructors are contracted to provide programs utilizing fitness room equipment and to educate on use of equipment etc. To book a time slot in the weight room, please call 604-892-5166 or email totemhall@squamish.net.

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