Letter to Members | 2012-2013 Housing List Publication


Wa Ns7eyx̱ ta Temíxw (Community Lands) has started to manage the Housing List. The Nation appreciates the sensitivity of this topic and acknowledges that all Members desire to be treated with fairness.

It has been many years since the Housing List was made available to all Members in an accessible format. Most recently, applicants could find out information about their position on the Housing List only by contacting Wa Ns7eyx̱ ta Temíxw directly.

Publication of the Housing List

To support with transparency, the 2012/2013 Housing List is being published at squamish.net/housing-list. A Housing List Fact Sheet is also being provided as an introduction to how the Housing List works.

Please be aware that this is not the final list for allocations.

  • If you applied after April 2013, you are on a later list based on the year you applied. In future years, we hope to publish Housing List information for everyone.
  • Work remains to ensure that the Housing List is up to date and that it aligns with an updated Allocations Policy. These updates will primarily focus on the policy’s administration and will not include changes to the allocation categories. Opportunities for community engagement will be announced shortly. Learn more about this work at squamish.net/housing-policy-engagement.

More Information
We are focused on transparency, consistency, and clarity. If you have any questions regarding the 2012/2013 Housing List, please contact:

chen kw’enmantúmiyap (I thank you all),

Donnie Rosa, Executive Director
Ḵ’iyáx̱an Ch’áwch’aw (Community Services)

This letter is also available as a PDF.