To continue the proud tradition of building sustainable communities on our land and meet the Nation’s strategic vision of housing every Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Member within a generation, Nexwsxwníw̓ntm ta Úxwumixw (Council) requested that the Housing Policy be updated.

Staff from Ta na wa Shéway I7x̱w ta Úxwumixw (Planning & Capital Projects), Ts’ixwts’ixwnítway (Member Services), Nexwsp’áyaḵen ta Úxuwmixw (Community Operations), Ta na wa Ch’áwat ta Sx̱wéx̱wel (Squamish Valley Operations), Wa Ns7eyx̱ ta Temíxw (Community Lands), and Hiy̓ám̓ Housing are working together on this important project.

The Project Team can be reached at or 604-904-7474.

Project Progress

During the spring and summer of 2024, we are inviting Squamish People to share their feedback on the Allocations Policy and process. Round 1 engagement is now complete. A ‘what we heard’ summary and Round 2 engagement will happen later in July.

Additional Housing List info sessions are scheduled over the next month. Spots are limited; to register, email or call 604-982-7610.


Allocation Policy Update

We are working to make improvements to the Allocations Policy and process to increase clarity, transparency, and consistency. We are committed to making improvements that honour the past, present, and future experiences of Squamish households.

In the recently approved 2024/2025 budget, Nexwsxwníw̓ntm ta Úxwumixw (Council) approved funding for 15 lot and home allocations. These allocations are planned for Fall 2024 and will take place under the new standalone Allocations Policy.

We are making these improvements so that all applicants:

  • Feel like they have the information they need to understand how lot and home allocations are made.
  • Feel confident in the decision-making process.
  • Feel like they will be treated fairly and equally, in line with the allocation eligibility criteria.

What does this mean?

The update will include:

  • Improving the clarity of the eligibility requirements.
  • Making the definitions clearer.
  • Simplifying the policy language.
  • Addressing and removing any contradictions.
  • Ensuring Squamish Nation staff procedures in the policy are consistent.

The update will not include:

  • Specifying how many homes are allocated or distributed between categories.
  • Determining the number of allocations that are made in any given year.
  • Creating new categories or changing existing category headings.