Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Excellence Awards Recipients

In the spirit of celebrating 100 years of Amalgamation, the Nation hosted the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Excellence Awards Gala as part of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Days Festival 2023. The event on July 15 formally recognized Members who have made a significant contribution to our community or have worked hard to become successful and inspire others.

Members aged 13 and older were eligible to be nominated by a community member or external partner. We raise our hands to everyone who was nominated and the 14 Members who received awards in the following categories: Arts, Business Innovation, Community Service, Culture, Emerging Leader, Language, and Sports.

Below are the nomination videos. These were played at the Gala before the winners received their award.

Cheximiya, Allison Joseph (née Burns)

See-appl-tun, Arthur Harry

tsel ke’elem, Paul Natrall (Mr. Bannock)

Styawat, Leigh Jenny Joseph

Nekwsàliya, Linda George

Xàlek Seḵyú Siýam, Chief Ian Campbell

lamxàcha, Mike Billy Sr.

Chepximiya Siýam, Chief Janice George

Syeta’x̱tn, Christopher Lewis

Jessie Anne Williams

Iyál, Vanessa Campbell

t’naxwtn, Peter Jacobs

Kawaiokalehuaonalanisega, Lacey Baker

walls-bossa-ma, Yul Baker