July 6 - July 7

2024 Ambleside Canoe Races

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Ambleside Canoe Races are happening July 6 – 7, 2024!

Ch’tl’am (Ambleside Beach) | Swáywey̓ (Creek at the Duck Pond)

Saturday, July 6 – Captains Draw at 9:30 am; Races start at 10:00 am
Sunday, July 7 – Captains Draw at 11:30 am; Races start at 11:30 am
Youth Specials – Late Saturday, or early Sunday
Parking Fee: $15/day or $25/weekend

Click here to find out more, including pricing.

Canoe Culture has existed since time immemorial. There is evidence of races being held as far back as early as the 1880’s and legend tells us our ancestors were able to tie their canoes to the top of Nch’kay’ (Mount Garibaldi), the tallest mountain in our territory during the Great Flood.

Canoe racing is a sacred cultural tradition and has proven good medicine for the soul. It reminds our People to be proud of our history and honour our ancestors. It connects communities and teaches valuable, sometimes lifesaving lessons. Lessons learned on the water create strong minds and hearts, that transfer into life on land.