Nexwsp’áyaḵen ta Úxwumixw
Community Operations

Office & Contact Details

North Vancouver
Phone: 604-980-8655
Emergency contact (after hours): 604-690-0729
Address: 12 Bewicke Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1P6

Squamish Valley
Phone: 604-848-2200
Emergency contact (after hours): 604-815-7116

Nexwsp’áyaḵen ta Úxwumixw is responsible for maintaining all Nation-owned buildings, roads and general areas. The department also works to ensure all Nation-owned buildings are a safe place for the Nation’s employees and Members.

Nexwsp’áyaḵen ta Úxwumixw

Brian Baker

Please contact 604-980-8655 or to report dogs running at large or any other concerns regarding animals in the community.

The Nation enforces the Animal Control Bylaw, 2004 which states in Section 18, “Every Owner of Possessor of a Dog must ensure that the Dog does not Run at Large within Squamish Lands.” And Section 19, “An Animal Control Bylaw Officer may seize and Impound any Dog:

  • Found running at large,
  • That is an Unlicensed Dog or
  • That, the Animal Control Bylaw Officer, on reasonable grounds, believes has inflicted an unprovoked bite on a person or another animal.”

If your dog is found running at large and is impounded, it is the responsibility of the owner of the dog to pay the impound fees. The owner is subject to a fine as per Section 31 which states,

“(1) It is an offence to

  • Do or cause to be done anything,
  • Neglect to or refrain from doing anything, or
  • Suffer or permit anyone doing anything in contravention of this bylaw.

(2) Every person who contravenes section 31(1) is guilty of an offence and is liable to imposition on summary conviction a fine not exceeding One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars or imprisonment for a term not exceeding thirty (30) days or both.”

For more information about pick-up schedules, please visit the municipal website that corresponds to your area.

Nexwsp’áyaḵen ta Úxwumixw  could be interpreted to mean ‘often fixing the community’. The root word p’áyeḵen has various meanings to include setting things up, like a table for dinner. The name is a reference to the role of fixing and setting up many things.

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