Wa Ns7eyx̱ ta Temíxw
Community Lands

Office & Contact Details
Phone: 604-982-7610
Email: CommunityLands@squamish.net
Address: Unit 6, 380 Welch St, West Vancouver, BC V7P 0A7

Wa Ns7eyx̱ ta Temíxw

Juniper Groves

Wa Ns7eyx̱ ta Temíxw manages Additions to Reserve projects, in alignment with the Strategic Plan, to increase reserve land for community access to resources and Nation economic development. This departments also maintains and updates the Housing List following the Squamish Nation Housing Policy and assists in processing estate and lot transfers as per the Squamish Nation Housing Policy and Squamish Nation Intestate Policy.

The department also provides supporting services to Members and departments, including maps, lot surveys, boundary inquiries, construction supporting land documents, land status for surveyors, land title registration, lease designations and right of ways.

Wa Ns7eyx̱ ta Temíxw can be translated as ‘guarding the land’.

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