Tree Farm License Announcement

This section contains information about the 2005 Tree Farm Licence 38, which grants the Squamish Nation exclusive rights to harvest timber over an area of land totaling 218,000 hectares north of Squamish, in the Squamish, Elaho, Sims and Ashlu River drainages.

Capilano IR-5 Master Plan

This section contains a summary of the 2004 Capilano Master Plan, which sets out Squamish Nation’s land use opportunities for the Capilano Reserve. The Plan balances future land uses for Squamish members and economic development opportunities for the Nation.

North Vancouver School District Protocol Agreement

The Protocol Agreement for Communication and Collaboration, signed by Squamish Nation and the North Vancouver School District (NVSD) on January 17, 2019, commits to an equal partnership in the education of Squamish Nation students enrolled in the NVSD. The agreement contains provisions that entail Squamish Nation involvement in educational decisions, such as the inclusion of Squamish Nation language, culture, and history in the curriculum and courses offered to all students in the NVSD.