A Message from the Office of Council Chairperson | AGM

To the Squamish People,

The Squamish Nation Council is hard at work on major challenges and some exciting opportunities for our people. Although we are only a few weeks into 2023, we are already making progress on the six resolutions passed at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Update on Approved 2022 AGM Resolutions

Create a Squamish Nation Constitution
Next steps:

  1. Squamish Nation staff will draft a Terms of Reference for a “Constitutional Working Group” and establish a process to select individuals to serve on said group.
  2. Squamish Nation staff will present a work plan, budget, and process map that will facilitate having a draft constitution ready for consideration and referendum in September 2025.
  3. Squamish Nation staff will share the above items at the next People’s Assembly and may revise, based on feedback, before bringing to Council for approval and authorisation to implement.

Review Annual Distribution Amount
Next steps:

  1. Squamish Nation staff will develop several options for Council to consider regarding a future change to the calculation of Membership distributions (with supporting analysis).
  2. Squamish Nation staff to develop a final analysis working from Council direction based on fiduciary duty and draft Membership distribution policy/procedure.

Review & Seek Input on the Council Governance Policy
Next steps:

  1. Squamish Nation staff will undertake a review of the Squamish Nation Governance Policy and present findings to Membership at the next People’s Assembly.
  2. Squamish Nation staff will engage and seek feedback from Membership on the Governance Policy.

Review Policies on Elected Official & Staff Payment for Cultural Work
Next steps:

  1. Squamish Nation staff are undertaking a review of current policies and practices such as ‘Leave Bank’.
  2. This review will be presented to the next People’s Assembly for consideration.

Create, Implement, and Enforce Housing Policies
Next steps:

Due to the volume and complexity of the work involved, the work has been separated into phases outlined below:
Phase 1 – Squamish Nation staff will submit the following documents to Council in March 2023:

  • Housing Policy Framework
  • Home Construction Policy
  • Maintenance and Renovations Policy
  • Rentals Policy

Phase 2 – Squamish Nation staff aim to submit the following policies to Council in Summer 2023:

  • Allocations Policy
  • Lot Transfer Policy (TBC)
  • Buy and Sell Policy (TBC)

Note: Future phases & policies will be developed as priorities are identified. Examples of future policies include Self-Financed Housing Program Policy and Alternative Housing Policy.

2023 People’s Assembly Schedule

Date Key Activities Deadline to Submit Resolutions Quorum
Friday April 28, 2023 (People’s Assembly) • Reports on topics addressed in resolutions 22001 to 22005 from the 2022 AGM.
• Delegate resolutions submitted by deadline.
Tuesday, March 14, 2023 5% or around 158
TBC (People’s Assembly) • Report on Annual Budget for 2023/2024 fiscal year.
• Delegate resolutions submitted by deadline.
TBC 5% or around 158
TBC (Annual General Meeting) • Report on Annual Audited Financial Statements for April 2022-March 2023 fiscal year
• Delegate resolutions submitted by deadline.
TBC 12% or around 380

Please submit resolutions to resolutions@squamish.net by the associated deadline. Staff can assist our people in preparing and drafting a resolution for a People’s Assembly or the Annual General Meeting.

Council Chairperson
Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw