s7ulh wa nexwniw̓éyalh
Our Ways of Education

Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Name: s7ulh wa nexwniw̓éyalh (Our Ways of Education)
s7ulh wa nexwniw̓éyalh speaks to the oral advises from our family, that is put inside our hearts and minds from a young age. 

Reclaiming Education - 87.5% of Voters said Yes

In December, the s7ulh wa nexwniw̓éyalh (Our Ways of Education) project asked our community if you approve of the Squamish Nation entering into the Education Jurisdiction Agreement, and 87.5% of Members who voted said YES! This means we will continue working towards developing an Education Law together. 
Huy chexw a (thank you) for sharing your voice and supporting future generations of our mén̓men (children). 

We will share more on next steps in the spring. Stay tuned to our Facebook page or this webpage.

Why Reclaiming Education Matters