Electoral Commission

To contact the Electoral Commission, please email info@snelectoralcommission.com

Statement - January 19, 2024

The Electoral Commission was established in 2015 to oversee fair and transparent elections and referendums. It is made up of seven voting members, two alternates, and one non-voting member. Each seat represents a particular region or demographic of the community.

Past Appointees

On January 23, 2020, Nexwsxwníw̓ntm ta Úxwumixw (Council) appointed the following for a four-year term.

  • Elder | Les Harry
  • Squamish Valley | Jonny Williams
  • Xwmélch’tstn (Capilano) | Crystal Ricketts (until 2023)
  • Off-Reserve | Saul Joseph (until 2023)
  • Youth | Brittany John
  • Membership Registrar (non-voting member) | Monica Jacobs

The rules governing elections were contained in the 1981 Squamish Indian Band Election Regulations. In September 2015, Nexwsxwníw̓ntm ta Úxwumixw (Council) approved the creation of the Electoral Commission as an arms-length body to assist the Squamish People in exploring the topic of election reform. The following Members served this first term, engaging with the community and incorporating feedback on changes to the 1981 Regulations which resulted in the 2018 Election & Referendum Law.

  • Dave Jacobs
  • Christine Baker
  • Crystal Ricketts
  • Clarissa Antone
  • Jacob Lewis
  • Donalene Rapada
  • Shayla Jacobs
  • Renee Campbell
  • Brittany John

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