Xwemelch’stn Housing – Start of Construction

Xwemelch’stn Housing – Start of Construction

The Hiy̓ám̓ Housing Society and Ventana Construction are pleased to announce the upcoming start of site activities associated to the new Xwemelch’stn Housing project at the corner of Mathias and Skewshen Rds. Construction is scheduled to begin in early March 2021.

This project is to supply 94 new units for the Squamish Nation Elders, families and youth. The project involves the construction of townhouses, the Co-op shop, and an apartment building.

The project is a fast-track design and build. The building construction schedule requires extended working hours, including evening and weekends. It is the intention to move as quickly as possible with the project, to minimize these effects.

The works will involve

  • Demolition of the Lacrosse court and clearing of the shrubs and bushes
  • Earth compaction and excavation
  • Soil removal and trucking
  • Increased vehicle traffic and parking
  • Delivery of materials including concrete, rebar, building materials, equipment, sea containers
  • Utility extensions and new connections
  • New hydro feeders
  • House and apartment framing, involving the use of mobile and static cranes and mobile forklifts
  • Cladding and roofing involving rough terrain, aerial platforms and scissor lifts
  • Road works including new curbing, asphalt, and sidewalks

As with any construction, there will be different noises, vibration, dust, lights, and additional activities than is normal in a quiet urban location. The static crane will windmill in the wind at night, above neighboring properties and will cast shadows.

As a good neighbour, the site and management team will continue to communicate openly and in advance with the surrounding neighbourhood and with the Nation as a whole during the entire construction process.

If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to the Hiy̓ám̓ Society at info@hiyamhousing.com, to Ventana Construction’s Project Manager Jeff Shouldice at 604 291 9000 or directly to the site superintendents.

We greatly appreciate your understanding as we work to complete this important project quickly for the benefit of the Elders, families and youth of the Squamish Nation.

For more information about the Xwemelch’stn Housing project, visit: www.squamish.net/hiyam-housing-society

CLICK HERE to download the Xwemelch’stn Housing Announcement

CLICK HERE to download the Lacrosse Box Update

Lacrosse Box Update

With the start of construction on the Xwemelch’stn Housing Project in March 2021, the lacrosse box, located at the corner of Mathias Road and Welch Street, will need to be relocated.

When will the lacrosse box be demolished?
The lacrosse box will be demolished by the end of March 2021.

How will we honour the legacy of the current lacrosse box and location?
The game of lacrosse (K’exwa7) has a long history in the Squamish Nation. Given Squamish Nation’s strong connection to lacrosse, Hiyam Housing Society is working with Elders on how to honour the current lacrosse box site and prepare the land for the transition to housing.

What happens next?
Squamish Nation staff are working on plan for a future lacrosse box located on the Capilano IR. The plan will include a preferred location for the lacrosse box, elements and features of the lacrosse box, cost and potential partnership opportunities. We will also be asking community members if there are other uses we should consider when building the new lacrosse box to optimize its use by community members.

What sites are being considered?
Three (3) locations in and around Chief Joe Mathias Center at the corner of Welch Street and Capilano Road are being considered as potential locations for the new lacrosse box. Locations will be reviewed for site layout, cost for construction, maintenance, and impact on other community spaces and services.

Will community members have an opportunity to provide input?
We will have multiple opportunities for engagement with community members starting in March (details to follow). We will also be talking to lacrosse players and groups. You will be asked about ideas and features for a future lacrosse box facility, including features to allow for other sports such as basketball or tennis. There will also be a survey, and report back on what we heard from the community. Our final step would be to bring the final recommendations back to the community before moving forward on construction.

What kind of input would you be asking for from community members?
We will be asking what kind of features you would like to see in the new lacrosse box – structure, lighting, flooring/surfacing, bleachers, and storage/lockers, features to allow for other sports, etc. and talking about the differences in cost.

When will the new lacrosse box be constructed?
Dependent on the engagement process and costing – we hope to have the new site lacrosse box (with potential multi-uses) identified by the summer. The construction timeline will be determined once the site and the features are determined. The construction may be done in phases, with a basic box built relatively quickly and other features added over time.

For more information, please contact:
Bob Sokol, Director of Planning & Capital Projects at 604-904-7474 or Bob_Sokol@squamish.net

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