Woodfibre LNG Project Update – November 2016



We are writing to provide an important update on the Squamish Nation Process (SN Process) and the Woodfibre LNG Project (WLNG Project).
Our Nation created this Process to assert our rights and title and to protect our traditional lands and waters.

Woodfibre LNG Limited (WLNG) is proposing to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing and export facility at the former Woodfibre pulp
mill site, which is located at the ancestral village site of Swiyat.

One of the 13 conditions imposed on WLNG through the Squamish Nation (SN) Process and SN Environmental Assessment Agreement is that SN will decide which cooling technology will be used as part of the WLNG Project. If the company doesn’t comply with SN decision on cooling technology, the Nation can take
legal action.

The SN has decided that seawater cooling, WLNG’s preferred cooling technology, is too impactful on cultural and environmental values, and has rejected this technology. Instead, we chose air cooling, which has been found to have the lowest net cultural and environmental impacts, and does not impact the marine
environment of Howe Sound. Therefore, we have directed WLNG to use air cooling as the cooling technology for the WLNG Project.

If WLNG doesn’t comply with the SN decision on cooling technology, the Nation may revoke its Environmental Assessment Certificate (EA Certificate) and terminate the Environmental Assessment Agreement or pursue legal remedies under the Environmental Assessment Agreement, which includes going to court.

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