Slhánay̓ Sḵwálwen: Foraging walks to promote women’s heart health

UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dr. Annalijn Conklin are seeking participants for a virtual Sharing Circle, focused on promoting women’s heart health through forest/foraging walks.  

The program will involve four two-hour knowledge gathering Sharing Circles over the coming six months with a catered lunch and honorarium for your time. Two optional Sharing Circles at the end of the study for participants to offer feedback will also be offered. All Sharing Circles will be hosted virtually by UBC on zoom.  

This project is in collaboration with Elder Roberta Price, Elder Latash Nahanee, and the Squamish Nation Council. 

The purpose of this study is to gather knowledge on what a community-led foraging/forest walk program should include and how it should run to promote Indigenous women’s heart health. The study will encourage co-development of future heart health programs with Squamish Nation and will honour community-determined needs, priorities and preferences for sharing that knowledge. 

Slhánay̓ Sḵwálwen: Developing foraging walks with Squamish Nation to promote Indigenous women’s heart health

If you are interested in being part of the discussions on foraging walks as a good way to promote heart health in women and girls in the Squamish Nation, please complete the consent form below and submit to Dr. Annalijn Conklin at

You can also read more details in the official invitation from Dr. Annalijn Conklin. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Sammy Blair at