Sentencing Hearing of Former Council Co-Chair and Department Head

3 ways to have your say

Dear Squamish Nation Members,

As we head into the Holidays, I need to urgently update you on the upcoming sentencing hearing of former Council Co-Chair and Department Head, Krisandra Jacobs. Last month we informed you that Ms. Jacobs had been found guilty of fraud and theft. The court found that Ms. Jacobs used her position with the Nation, to “deprive the Squamish Nation of funds.” We have been made aware that her hearing will go forward on January 25, 2022.

I said last month that as victims of Ms. Jacobs crimes, the Nation would have the opportunity to provide a victim impact statement to the Court. A victim impact statement is a legal document that allows the Nation to explain how Ms. Jacobs’ crimes impacted us all. The Court will use our statement while it considers the appropriate sentence for Ms. Jacobs.

To provide these details to the Court, we need to hear from you. On January 5, we will be hosting an online feedback session. Please register here to receive more details and a Zoom link before the session. This is your opportunity to have your say on how Ms. Jacobs’ crimes impacted you or the Nation. Elected Leadership and staff will be hosting the Zoom meeting. Our goal is to collect your valuable input, so our legal counsel can put together the victim impact statement for the hearing. Our discussion will focus on the loss we collectively suffered, but only in relation to the crimes Ms. Jacobs was convicted of. During the session, we will be breaking into smaller groups. We want to hear from as many of you as possible and hope the smaller groups will allow us to do so. To have your feedback included in the victim impact statement, there are guidelines we are required to follow. This is not a discussion about unproven allegations or about individuals who may have been involved, but were not criminally charged. 

We are also providing an online form for those unable to make our discussion or for those who are hesitant to speak publicly. You can find the link to the form here.

For our Elders, who may not be able to attend the online meeting or are unable to access the form, we want to make sure you have a chance to provide your input and guidance. Starting January 4, please contact 604-982-8645 to book a discussion time. Our staff members will call back at that time to collect your important feedback.

I would encourage all of you to take part in this important discussion, whether in-person online, through the form or on the phone. 

Again, I wish you all the best for the Holidays and hope you enjoy time with your loved ones. 

On behalf of the Council

Chen wanáxwstúmi(respectfully), 

Council Chairperson

Decision In Criminal Trial Regarding Former Council Co-Chair/Department Head Ms. Krisandra Jacobs

Dear Squamish Nation Members,

As a part of the Squamish Nation’s on-going commitment to inform our community regarding the criminal trial of former Council Co-Chair and Department Head Ms. Krisandra Jacobs, today a verdict has been reached. Ms. Jacobs has been found guilty, under Canadian Law.

With a guilty verdict, the next stage in criminal justice process will be a sentencing hearing scheduled for a later date. While the Squamish Nation was not involved in the court proceedings during the criminal trial, the Nation will participate in the sentencing hearing by providing a victim impact statement.

A victim impact statement is a written statement that “describes the physical or emotional harm, property damage or physical loss that the victim of an offence has suffered.” In this case, the Squamish Nation was the victim of theft and fraud. The statement allows the Squamish Nation to explain how the crime affected the Nation to the Court and offender. The Court will use the statement while it considers the appropriate sentence for Ms. Jacobs.

The Squamish Nation is committed to providing further updates as new information comes forward.

On behalf of the Council,

Council Chairperson