To the Families of Xwemélch’stn Etsimxwawtxw (Capilano Littlest Ones School)

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With the end of spring break approaching, we understand the uncertainty and concern that may arise due to the complex nature of current global concerns. We want to reassure you that we are taking appropriate measures to support Xwemélch’stn Etsimxwawtxw students during this trying time.

the Ministry of Education announcement suspending all in-class instruction,
Xwemélch’stn Etsimxwawtxw has been developing a Continuity of Learning Plan. Our
intent is not to replicate regular classroom instruction, but to provide
quality home learning opportunities during this challenging time. We want to emphasize
that learning plans will differ across public schools and various independent
school settings, as access to technology, geography and many other factors can
be influential.

As shared by The Ministry of
Education; all students will receive a final mark, and students on track move
to the next grade in the fall.

Your Xwemélch’stn Etsimxwawtxw
Principal and teachers are connecting, and planning to provide opportunities
for learning remotely. You can expect communication from the Principal
and/or classroom teacher by phone or email within the first week of April. There
will be follow up to provide students and families with a general learning
overview focusing on essential learning.

We recognize that this is an
incredibly complex time for many families and understand that it may be
challenging for students to focus on learning. While in-class learning has
been suspended, Xwemélch’stn Etsimxwawtxw will continue to provide
opportunities and resources to support our learners adapting to individual family

Chen wanáxwstúmiyap

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