The Squamish Nation Responds (Part 7): Capilano RV Park

This is the seventh in a series of seven posts. The intention is to provide a transparent, truthful and clear accounting of the facts.

These are Squamish Nation responses to some of the public statements made by members of the Partnership (Dennis L. Baker, Frank J. Baker, Darlene Garrick, Pamela Baker, Wayne C. Baker and Wade S. Baker and we understand, Lucy Emily Baker) that operated the Capilano Mobile and RV Park.

Issue #7


“AS a FAMILY, we only want to share the facts! We have attempted two times to meet with Council, family to family, to work this case out. They would not meet without their lawyers.”


We consider this matter to be settled in light of the many court decisions in favour of the Squamish Nation position. We have continually stated that we are hoping that this puts an end to this matter, and that the Partnership will abide by the fair and just decisions of the courts.

Further, since the Partnership continues to bring actions before the court, as they have done as recently as May 28, 2013, legal counsel must be present in any discussions to protect the interests of the Squamish Nation as a whole.

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