Strategic Plan (2020-2023)

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Dear Squamish Nation Members,

We are delighted to share with you a copy of the Squamish Nation Strategic Plan 2020-2023.

As a government organization, it is essential that our work is guided by principles and a plan that ensures we are all moving in the same direction together, that the work of each department complements the work of others, and that we hold a shared vision of what we strive to achieve. This document will serve as a guide for the work of both Council and administration over the next three years.

The Squamish Nation has been working towards implementing good governance principles with new policies and structures to support the best possible quality of programs and services for our people.

The development of this Strategic Plan is an important step in ensuring our Council leaves a lasting legacy, and that the good course we are on will continue past our current term.

The plan was developed collaboratively between Council and Directors through a series of facilitated sessions. It defines the Values that will provide a clear guiding compass for decision-making, and contains detailed Strategic Visions and Priorities for our People, our Organization, our Lands and Waters, and our External Relations.

The Squamish Nation is always growing and evolving to be the best we can be. This Strategic Plan will take us to 2023 but we envision an opportunity to do a wide and meaningful consultation with our community in the development of the next Strategic Plan. There will be opportunities to be involved in many new plans being proposed for community member input in the coming years.

We encourage all Members to take some time to familiarize yourselves with this Plan. As always, we are grateful for your feedback, as well as ideas for how we can make these Visions a reality for our Nation.

On behalf of all of the Squamish Nation Council, chet kw’enmantúmi (we thank you).

Joshua Joseph – Skwetsí7meltx̱w Council Co-Chair

Kristen Rivers – Tiy̓áltelut Council Co-Chair

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