Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw Trust

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Address: Suite 905 – 100 Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2

On May 11, 2000, the Government of Canada signed a Settlement Agreement with the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) to settle a series of claims first commenced by the late Chief Joe Mathias on June 30, 1977.  Nation Members ratified the terms of the Agreement.  

As compensation for this settlement, Canada paid the sum of $92.5 million into a Trust account governed by a Trust Agreement. Under the terms of the Agreement, the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) Trust has been established to hold the funds remaining after the initial distribution and any income earned on the remaining funds from the settlement for the benefit of the current and the future generations of Members of the Nation. 

Funds from the income may be available on an annual basis for projects after all Trust expenses are paid (including 20 per cent of the income for annual distribution to Members).  These funds are made available to Members and Nation Departments.


The Nation Trustees are appointed by Nexwsxwníw̓ ntm ta Úxwumixw (Council) to serve staggered four-year terms. No members of Nexwsxwníw̓ ntm ta Úxwumixw are eligible to serve as a Trustee. The Trust Agreement requires an independent Trust Corporation to be appointed as the fifth Trustee. The Trustees are to administer the Trust in accordance with the Trust Agreement and the Comprehensive Plan which has been approved by Membership, and an established Investment Policy.

December 3, 2020 – September 30, 2024

December 18, 2018 – September 30, 2022 


The independent administrative trustee is The Canada Trust Company (TD), Chris Angeconeb.

Now Accepting Applicants for two Squamish Nation Trustees  

This is an exciting opportunity for skilled and dynamic individuals to help steward the Nation’s assets to continue to benefit the community. We are seeking two (2) Squamish Nation Trustees, at least one (1) whom must reside on-reserve. The successful candidates will serve a 4-year term ending on September 30, 2026.  

Trustees are compensated $250 per meeting, which occur in person in North Vancouver.  

Application deadline extended: October 27th, 2022 at 4:30 pm   

How to Apply
Please submit the following for consideration for the position:  

  • Application form
  • Resume with relevant experience & qualifications  
  • Cover letter  
  • Three references  


Please apply in the following ways: 

  1. Email your application form and supporting documents to CASAdmin@squamish.net (preferred).
    Be sure to include the phrase “SN Trustee Application” in the subject line of your email. 
  2. Drop off your application at 320 Seymour Blvd, North Vancouver, BC, V7J 2J3, Attn: Council Advisory & Support   
  3. Mail your application to PO Box 86131 North Vancouver, BC, V7L 4J5, Attn: Council Advisory & Support   

If you have questions, please call 604-980-4553 and ask to speak with Council staff or email

The Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) Trust is an entity created in 2000 to hold financial assets on behalf of current and future generations of Squamish People. The Trust Fund has a variety of assets, such as money, stocks and bonds, and combinations of many different types of investments. The Trust Fund is designed to hold and manage assets on behalf of the Squamish People with the help of a neutral third party. The Trust invests its principal fund, adds to the principal amount through a portion of the return on investment, and distributes a part of the return to the community through an annual distribution to the membership & grants for special projects. The Trust Fund was established in 2000 with an initial $65 million principal amount. Since 2000, it has grown to $72.9 million, a compound annual growth rate of 0.55%. The appointed Trustees will be expected to build a new path forward to achieve ideal investment performance for the coming decades on behalf of current and future generations of Squamish People. 

The Trust takes direction from the Squamish People on how its return on investment is used within the Squamish Nation community through a Comprehensive Plan every four years. The Comprehensive Plans sets out our communities' priorities. The current priorities identified through the Comprehensive Plan are to focus investment into community impact in housing, adding to reserves, healthcare, etc. 

The Trustees also take direction from the Trust Agreement approved by a referendum of eligible Squamish Nation voters in 2000. The Trust acts in the best interests of all beneficiaries. They work collaboratively with the Squamish Nation Council to review, amend, and approve the Trust’s Statement of Investment Policies and Goals an essential document for setting investment goals and measuring performance. They work with investment advisors and managers to understand market conditions, investment options, and strategic analysis that provides a reliable assessment of pathways to achieve the Trust’s goals and principles. The Trust is responsible for growing the principal amount and protecting the funds for the long-term benefit of the Squamish People. 

The structure of the Squamish Nation Trust includes four (4) Nation Trustees, and one (1) Administrative Trustee. For Nation Trustees, the Terms are staggered to ensure the retention of corporate knowledge. Trustees are compensated $250 per meeting and occur in person in North Vancouver.  

Ideal Candidate:  
The ideal candidate is passionate about the need to grow the collective and individual wealth of the current and future generations of Squamish People. You have knowledge, experience, understanding or a demonstrated interest in wealth management, managing investments, and strategies for managing financial risk while maximizing investment returns. You understand investment markets, bonds, and measuring the performance of an investment portfolio. You have or are willing to develop skills and understanding of risk, volatility, and value creation in investments of the trust over the medium and long term, asset manager selection and asset category selection and evaluation. You will be a key leader in helping set the Squamish Nation Trust’s investment strategy, principles, and policy. You will ensure the Squamish Nation Trust’s principal capital maintains a moderate growth and grows at a rate that secures a larger fund for future generations to benefit from. 

Trustees must attend regular monthly meetings (generally half-day, during work hours) and be expected to participate in educational sessions, review investment reports, and fulfill other role commitments. There will be a minimum of six meetings per year, and Trustees will be required to read all documents and materials provided in advance and participate fully in the meetings.  

Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate knowledge and skills in one or more of the following areas:  

  • Involvement/volunteer experience with the Nation or community initiatives/organizations 
  • Knowledge, experience, understanding or a demonstrated interest in wealth management 
  • Knowledge, experience, insight or a demonstrated interest in managing investments 
  • Understanding risk, volatility, and value creation in investments of the trust over the medium and long term, asset manager selection and asset category selection and evaluation. 
  • Knowledge, experience, understanding or a demonstrated interest in strategies for managing financial risk while maximizing investment returns.  
  • Understand investment markets, bonds, and measuring the performance of an investment portfolio.  
  • Able to attend regular monthly meetings 
  • A Trustee owes a duty of loyalty to the beneficiaries and must administer the trust for their best interests. The Trustee must be able to put aside their own interests. 

We will be accepting applications until October 27, 2022 at 4:30 pm. To be considered for the position, applicants must submit the application form, resume, cover letter, and three references. 

In selecting the Trustees, the Council will utilize a matrix selection process to ensure a broad range and diversity of skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise based on the qualifications and role description (found in the Qualifications Tab). 

If you have questions, please call 604-980-4553 and ask to speak with Council staff or email CASAdmin@squamish.net.  

Applying for Project Funding

The Squamish Nation Trust has a two-stage process for applying for funding through two funding streams:

Programs & Services

Small Business

All Squamish Nation Members, groups of Members and Nation Programs are eligible to submit a proposal. Proposals are limited to the Purposes set out in section 4.5 of the Trust Agreement.

Application Process

For applicants to the Programs and Services stream, Stage 1 requires a letter of Request (no longer than three pages) and an SNT Programs and Services Application. If short-listed, a full proposal is required as part of Stage 2.

Applicants to the Small Business stream need to submit to the Trustees a Letter of Request, a Small Business Application and a Resume as part of Stage 1. If short-listed, Stage 2 will require the submission of a Business Plan. Please be aware if your business does not continue after three years of initial funding, you may be liable to pay the SNT funds back to the Trust.

The Project Administrator is responsible for managing all projects and providing the Trustees with a monthly report of the status of all Programs and Services and Small Business Projects. Any questions or requests for the Trust will go to the Project Administrator.

The Administrator’s purpose is to be a liaison between Membership and the Trustees and to assist with all steps of the SNT Application process:

During Stage 1, the Administrator will:

  • Provide Membership with current SNT Programs and Services and Small Business proposal guidelines.
  • Provide Membership with SNT Programs and Services and Small Business Stage 1 Applications.
  • Provide advertisements and deadlines for SNT Call for Proposals.
  • Assist all Membership with complete Stage 1 proposal packages.
  • Review and summarize Stage 1 Applications for Squamish Nation Trustees discussion to move project to Stage 2.
  • Inform all Applicants via formal letter if their project has been moved on to Stage 2 or not.

During Stage 2, the Administrator will:

  • Provide assistance to all successful Stage 2 Applicants.
  • Provide Programs and Services template, and Small Business Plan template to Applicants.
  • Provide one on one meetings- (as many as needed) to assist all Applicants with their projects.
  • Provide assistance with an individual appointment at any time outside of normal business hours to help Applicants.
  • Meet with Applicants to go over Stage 2 Application to ensure that a complete application is submitted for SNT review. This is an excellent opportunity for applicants to ask any questions, get assistance with the financial projections, cash flow etc. and gain clarification on the proposal process.

In addition, the Administrator will assist SNT Recipients by:

  • Administering the release of funds reflective of the recipient’s budget.
  • Completing cheque requisitions for projects.
  • Providing assistance throughout the SNT process and policies.
  • Providing updates on individual project spending.
  • Providing final report templates, and assistance to recipients.
  • Requesting final 10% hold back of funds to be released and file to be closed after a complete final report is submitted.
  • Provide on-going assistance, advice and after-care services to all SNT recipients (past and present projects).

Ineligible Proposal Costs

Due to the limited amount of funds available, the Trustees are not able to consider requests for the following:

  • Travel costs to attend conferences or competitions.
  • Costs for attending or hosting workshops or conferences.
  • Repayment of loans or previous expenses.
  • Purchase of furniture or cars.
  • Construction and home renovations or repairs.
  • Funding for Education and training programs that are available and can be funded through other sources.  
    • You may apply for funding from the SNT if all other means of requests from ALL other sources are denied.  The SNT requires written confirmation from the other sources denying funding from the Education department or another applicable department and submit with your letter of request.
  • Health Care expenses.
  • Core Funding of programs.
  • Duplication of programs or services already being provided for Nation Members by Nation Administration.

Annual Reports

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