Squamish Language Proficiency Certificate @ SFU

2018-2019 Program at SFU

Kwi Awt Stelmexw is the home of the Squamish Language Academy. This program is envisioned as a 1,000 hour immersion program for adult 2nd language learners of the Squamish Language. It is broken into two stages. Year one is 900 hours of immersion instruction and work while year two is another 500 hours of immersion instruction of work. Year 1 is for beginner students and Year 2 is for graduates of the Year 1 program.

The long-term objective of the two-year Squamish Language Academy is to contribute to the successful reclamation of the Squamish Language by providing people with the opportunity to become advanced level fluent speakers with the ability to pass the language on to future generations.

The Year 1 program is called the Squamish Language Proficiency Certificate. It is offered through a partnership with Simon Fraser University’s First Nations Language Proficiency Certificate Program. SFU has three campuses: Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. This program currently takes place only at the Vancouver campus. In addition, this program is structured as cohort program with four university courses in the fall term and five in the winter term.

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