UPDATE: The issues have been RESOLVED. Thanks for your patience!

NOTE: Members, please resend emails sent to Squamish Nation staff and departments between January 13-17, 2021. There may be delayed email responses from our departments at this time.

Please be advised that we are currently experiencing issues with our network and email servers, which may result in delayed responses from our departments. Please bear with us while we get things back up and running.

We will provide an update once the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

The following information is being provided to inform of any program/service disruptions, as well as relevant contact details.

Main Office: 604-980-4553

Totem Hall: 604-892-5166

Yuustway Health & Wellness

Phone: 604-982-0332
Fax: 604-982-0372

We are open and providing services with appropriate COVID-19 limitations including Primary Care, Home Care, and Counselling (prefer all services over the phone when possible). There will be delayed responses to emails.

Ayas Menmen Child & Family Services

Phone: 604-985-4111

Contact 604-985-4111 for general enquiries including intake, family support services, guardianship, youth agreements, care homes/caregivers, Child & Family Therapy Services, and Family Circle.

All Ayas Menmen programs and services are open to members. Visit the Ayas Menmen Facebook page for messages, calendars and schedules.

Mother Bear Child Development Centre
Tanya Brown: 604-319-7286
Chantel Newman

Shewayneway Family Program
Phone: 604-985-7826
Alice Baker
Sharon Barnes

Youth Centre/Youth Services
Hailey Jacobs: 604-360-0501

Kelley McReynolds, Ayas Menmen Director: 604-785-7382

Community Operations

Phone: 604-980-8655

The receptionist is answering calls and taking work orders over the phone.

Education, Employment & Training

Littlest Ones School: 604-985-1515
IA/Stitsma/Eslha7an Learning Centre: 604-985-7711
Trades and Training Centre: 604-980-7946
Advocacy Support and Assessment (Post-Secondary and K-12): 604-982-7600
Squamish Nation Guardians: 604-982-7600, after hours call 604-374-2687


Phone: 604-980-4553

Human Resources

Phone: 604-985-8335

Wendy Demosten, HR Manager: 604-360-6100
Jina Johnston-Hall, Director: 604-992-9443
Rahima Kara, Talent Acquisition Manager: 604-363-2552

Employees can send questions to the HR Helpdesk at hrhelpdesk@squamish.net. Jobs postings can be viewed at: www.squamish.net/jobs

Language & Cultural Affairs

Tracy Williams, Manager: 604-341-8247

Member Services

Phone: 604-982-7610

There may be delays in issuing support (cheques) for rent relief or utility support. There are limited food gift cards and cleaning supplies available at this time.

Staff are currently unable to complete research for Family Trees. There will be delayed responses to Housing list inquiries and land transfer documentation.

There may be delayed responses to requests for revisions and updates related to the Special Distribution in February, which includes name changes, mailing addresses, direct deposit information, etc.

Planning & Capital Projects

Phone: 604-904-7474

Staff are answering calls at the Planning and Capital Projects office. Work is proceeding at house sites and other construction sites.

Rights & Title

Peter Baker: 604-998-0282
Arthur Macapagal: 604-998-0285

Staff are not able to respond to emails that were sent on January 13, however they will be responding to emails sent before this date. Staff may have delayed responses if requests require documentation.

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