Nch’kay invites Members to join the Sen̓áḵw Cultural Advisory Committee! 

This committee will advise Nch’ḵay on how to best implement and incorporate Squamish teachings, art, and culture into all aspects of the Sen̓áḵw development. 

All Members are encouraged to apply for this opportunity, and a wide range of cultural and artistic knowledge will be considered. 

The committee will consult with one another and Nch’ḵay to assess potential art and cultural opportunities, and may be asked to issue arts opportunities to qualified Squamish Nation artists. The committee may also recommend qualified Squamish Nation artists and/or designers for sole-sourced design-assist opportunities, where requested by Nch’kay.  

Committee members will be compensated for each meeting and applications are open until October 31, 2021. 

There are two easy ways to apply: email or online application!

Apply by email: 

In your email please include:  

  • Your name and a contact email.
  • A short bio and information about how you hope to contribute cultural, artistic, or Squamish knowledge to the committee.