New Director to Lead Rights & Title Department of the Squamish Nation

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, August 15th, 2019 — The Squamish Nation is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Baker as Director to lead the development of a newly-formed Rights & Title department for the Nation.

“We’re excited to continue restructuring the Squamish Nation administration to meet the needs of our community and leverage opportunities to build on the success we’ve created through the strength of our rights and title to our territory,” said Squamish Nation Councillor and Spokesperson, Khelsilem.

Baker, a Squamish Nation member, is an accomplished manager and project lead helping to develop the Squamish Nation Trades and Training Centre for four years. He has worked on secondment within the Intergovernmental Relations, Project Negotiation, and Business Revenue Service departments for the past year to support the transition to the new Rights & Title Department. In recent years, Baker’s work has largely focused on relationship management and training and employment opportunities with business partners of the Squamish Nation.

“I’m proud to be stepping into this important new role for my Nation, working to uphold the rights and title the Squamish Nation has to our territory. I look forward to building upon the vital contributions of those who laid the foundation for my work in this position, and further strengthening our presence on, and influence over, these lands,” said Peter Baker.

The Rights & Title Department will be responsible for expanding and advancing the implementation of the Squamish Nation’s rights and title while also engaging with government and proponents as required to respect the Indigenous rights and title of the Squamish Nation. This involves proponent project assessment, environmental and archeological permitting, natural resource management, rights and title litigation and negotiation, and upholding the duty to free, prior, and informed consent. Baker has commenced his duties and will begin building his team to meet the current and emerging needs of the Squamish Nation.

The Squamish Nation is an Indigenous government with offices in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Squamish, BC. The Rights & Title Department will be the primary department responsible for reviewing rights and title issues including litigation, proponent project review, negotiation, and resource management.

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Squamish Nation

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