Addictions Process Group

Yúustway’s Community Health & Wellness Team is offering a closed 12-week addiction and interpersonal process group. Topics include naming and acknowledging deep-seeded emotions, the impact of addiction on families, addictive behaviors, trauma roots, and vulnerability.

Wednesday evenings (February 15 – May 3, 2023)
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm 
Yúustway Building (380 Welch Street, West Vancouver)

Sign up below or contact us to register.
Phone: 604-982-7816
Registration closes February 1, 2023

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About Addictions Process Group

A process group is an intentionally unstructured therapy group consisting of approximately 10 group members. The Community Health & Wellness Team is offering a closed 12-week addiction and interpersonal process group, which will focus on addictive and interpersonal problematic behaviours, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

For example, some targets can include family of origins, the impact of addiction on family members, emotional insight and awareness, reactions to group members and/or counsellors, reactions to sitting in silence within the group, noticing what type of role someone seems to be falling into, and/or learning the impact of the way one communicates to and with others. The goal for each group member is to create personal gains, correct emotional experiences, and promote personal insightfulness.

Since a process group is unstructured there is no concrete schedule. However, some of the process will include naming and acknowledging deep-seeded emotions, blind-sides, the impact of addiction on families, addictive behaviours, trauma roots, vulnerability, crying, and more.

The natural cycle of a group requires each group member to provide supportive and challenging feedback to their group members, and process feedback from their group members and/or counsellors. Therefore, it is imperative that each group member that registers and is accepted to this group commit to one evening a week for 12-weeks. This will be a closed group meaning that there will be no new added group members after the member list is finalized.

One the first day of group each group member will have the ability to personal safety guidelines that promote individual vulnerability, but the non-negotiable guidelines for this group are as follows:

  1. Registrants must be at least 19 years of age.
  2. Registrants must have a minimum of 5 days without substances except for a prescribed medication and nicotine.
  3. Group members must refrain from using substances for the duration of group sessions.
  4. Group members must use their best efforts to not use substances before group begins.
  5. If you miss more than one group session, one will need to exit for the remaining sessions, but is welcomed to re-register for a future group.
  6. Group members support each other and keep names of other participants and information obtained during sessions confidential.
  7. Group members do not tempt other members to engage in problematic and/or substance using behaviours.

Sign Up for the Process Group

Registration will close Wednesday, February 1. Due to the limited availability for this process group, after you register you will be contacted by one of our counsellors for a substance use and mental health assessment prior to acceptance. You will be assessed and notified of your acceptance at least two business days before group starts—by Friday, February 10, 2023.