Press Release – Squamish Valley Task Force

Squamish Valley Task Force formed to protect Sacred Lands.

SQUAMISH / May 18, 2018
Press Release

Squamish Valley Task Force formed to protect Sacred Lands Effective immediately, Squamish Nation will be working in partnership with the RCMP, BC Conservation Officers, Squamish Peacekeepers and Sko-mish Valley Security Services to ensure public safety and deter environmental damage in the Squamish Valley.

RCMP checkpoints will be set up at random times and locations to inspect vehicles entering the valley. Squamish Nation peacekeepers and Sko-mish Valley Security will be patrolling popular
gathering places. BC Conservation Officers will be working closely with the Nation as well. There has been unacceptable, illegible dumping on our sacred lands as well as reckless behavior. Signage will be installed to inform visitors that Squamish Nation lands are not to be violated with trespassing, dumping, firearm use or partying.
Contact: Deanna Lewis, Spokesperson
Phone: 604 849 1469

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