News Release PM Betrays Indigenous People – Purchases Kinder Morgan Pipeline

News Release

Prime Minister Betrays Indigenous People with Purchase of Kinder Morgan Pipeline

VANCOUVER (May 28, 2018) — Squamish Nation is appalled by the decision by the Government of Canada to risk billions of taxpayer’s dollars to purchase the assets of Kinder Morgan and to pursue completion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion which threatens Squamish Nation territory and our people.

“This is a continued betrayal of promises made to us by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He told Canada’s Indigenous people that our rights would be respected and upheld. He has broken that promise. He promised us he would put the pipeline expansion through a brand new review. He has broken that promise as well,” says Khelsilem, elected councilor and spokesperson for Squamish Nation.

“This decision benefits only Texas-based Kinder Morgan, rewarding them for a project that was becoming increasingly risky. Now the Trudeau Government is making all Canadians take on that risk in the face of strong opposition and a move by Europe, China and other nations to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels for the good of their citizens and the planet,“ Khelsilem adds.

Khelsilem says “the Squamish Nation will continue to fight to protect our inlet, our communities and our economy. Regardless of who owns the project our position has not changed. An expanded Trans Mountain pipeline would triple the capacity of diluted bitumen and is expected to increase the number of tankers from five to 35 each month. The tankers pass by three Squamish Nation communities on the Burrard Inlet and a single diluted bitumen marine spill would be catastrophic for our communities, our economy, and our home as a Squamish people.”

“We have a right to practice our culture, our way of life, and to continue our right to self-determination in our territories. This is a right that we have never surrendered, and it is a right we will continue to defend,” Khelsilem concludes.

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