Notice to Squamish Nation Members: Youth Lacrosse and Sports Funding

There have been numerous questions and views expressed by community members regarding the Youth Lacrosse and Sports Funding.

This notice is to share information with Squamish Nation Members:

What is the Sports & Athletic Grants Policy? What is the reason for creating the Policy?
The Squamish Nation Council approved the Sports & Athletics Grants Policy, which guides the allocation of funding for sports and physical recreation for individual Squamish Nation (SN) Members and team sponsorship (60% SN Members).

The objective of the development of the policy was to create more fairness, accessibility, and transparency in this funding, as in the past it wasn’t always publicized or communicated to members. This policy consolidates all forms of funding into one pot and allows for equal access to funding regardless of what sport you play or where you live. Multiple council members and Squamish Nation staff have provided input that affected the development of this policy.

The new policy increased funding up to $500 per person and up to $2000 for elite athletes/sports. Eligible grant expenses can include registration fees, equipment purchase or rental, travel expenses, sports camps, etc.

Why did I receive a different amount for my Sports & Athletic grant than what was requested?
As a result of creating more accessibility and transparency, more members applied for funding than previous years. Staff allocated 100% of the budget in the first call out. There was no remaining funds for a second call out for applicants. In order to support as many Members as possible, the full Sports & Athletic grants amount requested by applicants were not awarded.

What is happening with the North Shore Lacrosse Association fees/funding?
Parents and the North Shore Lacrosse Association were notified by Squamish Nation staff, that under the Nation’s new policy, parents would need to apply for funding. This was communicated on the North Shore Lacrosse Association’s website and via Squamish Nation’s communications (letters, emails, etc.).

The Squamish Nation staff are aware that North Shore Lacrosse Association fees are due. We are working towards identifying available funds to pay for last year’s overdue fees and this year’s fees. Squamish Nation staff are in contact with the Association and following up on this matter.

What is being done to address the funding available for Sports & Athletic Grants?
Staff will be presenting their feedback to Council on the policy, which will include their challenges and opportunities. Recently, the staff have highlighted that the Sports and Athletic Grant funding needs to increase.
The Council will be discussing different ways to fundraise to increase funding for the Sports & Athletic grants moving forward.

In the future, we will be following the Sports & Athletic Policy to ensure all members have equal access to funding opportunities. All funding requests for sports and physical recreation will need to be submitted through the Sports & Athletic Grants application process.

Our goal is to remove barriers to ensure our children can play sports and have fun.

If you have paid the North Shore Lacrosse Association fees, you can contact Justine Sobell, Interim Manager, Recreation regarding reimbursement. You will need to provide an original receipt of payment in order to be reimbursed.

For reimbursement and additional questions, contact: Justine Sobell at 604-980-6338 or

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