Criminal trial regarding former Council Co-Chair/Department Head Ms. Krisandra Jacobs

RE: Criminal trial regarding former Council Co-Chair/Department Head Ms. Krisandra Jacobs

Dear Squamish Nation Members:

The Squamish Nation has committed to informing our community regarding the criminal trial regarding former Council Co-Chair and Department Head Ms. Krisandra Jacobs.

The criminal trial involving Ms. Jacobs has begun. The trial is anticipated to continue until March 4, 2021.

The criminal charges in this criminal case are theft over $5,000 and fraud over $5,000. The charges have not been proven in court and all involved are innocent until proven guilty under Canadian law.

No other parties were charged on this matter. Under Canadian law, the decision to approve charges and what kind of charges can only be made by Crown counsel (the government’s lawyers) after receiving a report from the police. As this is a criminal court case and not a civil court case, the Squamish Nation is not involved in the court proceedings. The Squamish Nation does not make decisions on the types of charges that can be laid in a criminal matter.

In most criminal cases, lawyers representing the Federal government (called Crown counsel) will argue the evidence before a Provincial Court judge. The Squamish Nation has collaborated with Crown counsel in providing any information relevant to the court case.

After the trial period is over, it will be some time before a decision is made by the trial judge. We cannot estimate on timelines.

It is important for Membership to understand that because this is criminal case, all charges must “be proven beyond reasonable doubt”. There is a high threshold to prove a criminal case.

The Squamish Nation will provide relevant updates as new information comes forward.

Huy chexw a,

Joshua Joseph
Council Co-Chair

Kristen Rivers
Council Co-Chair

Chris Lewis
Spokesperson & Councillor

Dustin Rivers
Spokesperson & Councillor

CLICK HERE to download the Letter from Council Co-Chairs and Spokespersons

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