MEDIA RELEASE – Squamish Nation Council selects new Council Co-Chair

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North Vancouver, October 2nd, 2018 — The Squamish Nation Council is a sixteen-member democratically elected government of the Squamish Nation that is elected for a four-year term. The most recent elections in December 2017 resulted in the election of the most significant number of first-time Councillors with eight new councillors and eight re-elected councillors.

The Squamish Nation has no elected ’chief’ like other First Nations with its unique governance structure. In the Squamish Nation, hereditary chiefs are a ceremonial and cultural leadership role that is not directly connected to the role of the elected Council, although hereditary chiefs are sometimes elected if they choose to run for Council.

Once elected, the Council appoints two co-chairs to chair Council meetings and manage the agenda and activities of Council and liaise directly with the administration. Councillor Joshua Joseph and Councillor Deborah Baker were appointed as Co-Chair in December 2017.

In addition to the two Co-Chairs, the Squamish Nation Council also appoints two ’spokespersons’ who speak on behalf of the Council when needed. The two spokespersons are Councillor Deanna Lewis and Councillor Khelsilem (Dustin Rivers).

On September 26th, the Squamish Nation Council accepted the resignation of Councillor Deborah Baker from the role of Co-Chair. As a result, the Council held a selection process on October 2nd, 2018 to choose her replacement.

Council is proud to announce Councillor Kristen Rivers has been selected as Co-Chair and will take on the duties and responsibilities of Council Co-Chair along with the existing Co-Chair Joshua Joseph.

Councillor and former co-chair Deborah Baker said “I want to thank all who have supported me over the years as a Council member. Last week with a heavy heart I resigned as Co-chair for personal reasons.  I am grateful for the time in being appointed to do this role. Today I am happy that we appointed a strong and intelligent woman leader of the Squamish Nation as the new co-chair who will carry out the rest of this term for Squamish Nation Council. I believe we will only grow stronger with this experience and opportunity for positive change for the Squamish Nation Members.”

For more information, please contact Eva Johnston, Council Executive Assistant at 604-980-4553 or to arrange an interview with the spokespersons.

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