Increased Dump Truck Traffic on Capilano I.R. No. 5 – North End of Ikwikws Road

The Nation is importing sand into the Parcel G site, Capilano IR No. 5. This coarse sand is being accepted from the new Lions Gate Treatment Plant site where it was previously used as preload on that site. The sand has been confirmed clean of any contamination and will be stockpiled adjacent to the proposed Phase 4 subdivision site for use in upcoming Nation capital projects.

The trucking of this sand is scheduled to commence around Monday, February 3, 2020 and be completed around mid-March 2020. See truck haul route map on page 2. During this work, the contractor will ensure minimal disruption to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and minimal inconvenience to residents; however, signage directing new traffic detours will be placed if temporary road closures are required.

During construction, as well as after hours, for safety reasons we ask that you please refrain from entering the Parcel G site. We also ask that you ensure children do not enter or play on the site or equipment.

For more information on this project please stop by the housing office. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in bringing this project to a successful completion.

For any project concerns or questions please call or email:
Housing Office: Tel: 604-904-7474;

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