The Squamish Nation Trust has a two-stage process for applying for funding:

In addition, there are two ‘streams’ for applying – ‘Programs and Services’ and ‘Small Business’

Programs and Services

Stage 1 requires a letter of Request (no longer than three pages) and an SNT Programs and Services Application.
If short-listed, a full proposal is required as part of Stage 2.

Small Business

Small Business Applicants need to submit to the Trustees a Letter of Request, a Small Business Application and a Resume. If short-listed, Stage 2 will require the submission of a Business Plan.

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Small Business Recipients: Please be aware if your business does not continue after three years of initial funding, you may be liable to pay the SNT funds back to the Trust


Friday, February 16, 2018
NO LATER THAN 4:30 pm.

Squamish Nation Project Administrator
The Project Administrator is responsible for managing all projects and providing the Trustees with a monthly report of the status of all Programs and Services and Small Business Projects. Any questions or requests for the Trust will go to the Project Administrator.

The Administrator’s purpose is to be a liaison between Membership and the Trustees and to assist with all steps of the SNT Application process:

During Stage 1, the Administrator will:

  • Provide Membership with current SNT Programs and Services and Small Business proposal guidelines
  • Provide Membership with SNT Programs and Services and Small Business Stage 1 Applications
  • Provide advertisements and deadlines for SNT Call for Proposals
  • Assist all Membership with complete Stage 1 proposal packages
  • Review and summarize Stage 1 Applications for Squamish Nation Trustees discussion to move project to Stage 2
  • Inform all Applicants via formal letter if their project has been moved on to Stage 2 or not

During Stage 2, the Administrator will:

  • Provide assistance to all successful Stage 2 Applicants
  • Provide Programs and Services template, and Small Business Plan template to Applicants
  • Provide one on one meetings- (as many as needed) to assist all Applicants with their projects.
  • Provide assistance with an individual appointment at any time outside of normal business hours to help Applicants.
  • Meet with Applicants to go over Stage 2 Application to ensure that a complete application is submitted for SNT review.


This is an excellent opportunity for applicants to ask any questions, get assistance with the financial projections, cash flow etc. and gain clarification on the proposal process.

In addition, the Administrator will assist SNT Recipients by:

  • Administering the release of funds reflective of the recipient’s budget
  • Completing cheque requisitions for projects
  • Providing assistance throughout the SNT process and policies
  • Providing updates on individual project spending
  • Providing final report templates, and assistance to recipients
  • Requesting final 10% hold back of funds to be released and file to be closed after a complete final report is submitted
  • Provide on-going assistance, advice and after-care services to all SNT recipients (past and present projects)

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SNT Funded Projects

Since 2001, the SNT has funded over $12.5 Million dollars for Squamish Nation Member projects including Small Business Projects and Squamish Nation Band Projects.

Listed are a few of the projects the SNT has funded to benefit the SN Community:

  • Squamish Nation Special Needs Program- Annually since 2001
  • Squamish Nation Housing Safety Repairs- Annually since 2001
  • Squamish Nation Un-Insured Health Costs- Annually since 2001
  • Mother Bear Facility
  • Squamish Nation Five-Year Language Education Program
  • Eslha7an Learning Centre Major Repairs/Renovations
  • Little One’s School Playground and Sound System Improvements
  • Squamish Nation Trades School
  • Shaker Church
  • Capilano Longhouse repairs
  • Improvements to Joe Mathias Recreation Centre- Washroom Renovations
  • Improvements to Totem Hall
  • Squamish Valley and North Vancouver Recreation vans and buses for Elders and Youth
  • Squamish Valley Teen Centre Interior renovations
  • Restoration of Cemeteries
  • Squamish Valley Gas Station
  • Mosquito Creek Marina Upgrades
  • Capilano Community Garden
  • Siyamin Artist Co-op
  • North Vancouver and Squamish Valley Peace Keepers support for training and equipment
  • Squamish Valley Culture Camps

If you have any questions, please contact Geena Jackson, The Project Administrator for the SNT at 604-306-7736 or

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