September 2017


If you are not a member of Squamish Nation and want to fish in Squamish Nation waters, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. Be a First Nations individual with a valid status card
  2. Obtain a Fish Permit from Squamish Nation
  3. Must present identification and permit when requested by a Squamish Nation Fish Guardian or Bylaw Officer.

To apply for a Fish Permit you must submit a Permit Application and receive approval.
Please contact Cheryl Martin at 604.980.4553 to learn more or complete the Permit Process.

It should be noted that the above process applies to Non Nation Members living in the community and are spouses or partners of Nation Members.

Non compliance may result in sanctions being imposed against violators including banishment from Squamish Nation Reserves.

We are aware that some individuals are not adhering or listening to our Fish Guardians to follow proper permitting process.  The Nation is prepared to take appropriate action to protect Squamish Nation rights and laws.

Thank you for your Cooperation.

Walter Schneider
Executive Operating Officer – Service Delivery


Download the notice here: Fishing Permit Required (pdf)

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