Squamish Nation Council gave permission for Statistics Canada staff to enter onto reserves in North Vancouver and the Squamish Valley from June 16 to July 17, 2021 in order to collect information for the 2021 Census. Read the authorization letter from Council here. On July 15, Council authorized an extension to that work until July 31, 2021. Due to the heatwave and time it takes to complete activities in a COVID-safe manner, a further extension to August 27 was authorized.

The census is like a storyteller. Every five years, data is collected about each household across the country to explain how Canada is changing and growing. You contribute to creating that story by completing the census.

Statistics Canada will be conducting two types of work.

Starting June 16, Statistics Canada will visit Squamish Valley reserves to create a list of addresses. This work will take approximately a week and staff will not leave their vehicles during the collection process.

From June 19 to August 27, Statistics Canada will visit North Vancouver and Squamish Valley reserves to deliver census questionnaires, follow up with individuals who have not completed the questionnaire online, and assist anyone who would prefer to fill out a paper form.

The Statistics Canada staff visiting the reserves are Indigenous. Their job title is enumerator which means “a person employed in taking a census of the population”. Download their photos and bios below.

The teams will follow COVID-19 safety protocols at all times by wearing masks and talking with people from a distance of at least six feet. They will always work outside and will not enter anyone’s home. The full COVID-19 Safety Plan can be viewed here.

If you have any questions about the Census and this work, please contact Alyssa Mulat at alyssa_mulat@squamish.net.

The data Statistics Canada collects is used in many different ways, for example choosing where to build a new school. The Squamish Nation can use this data when developing services for Members, requesting funding, or interacting with the federal and provincial governments. Please complete the census to help paint an accurate picture of our communities!