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Ta núyap Siiyám, Siíyay, iyáwit wanáxwswit, i7xw ta Siíyuxwa7chet, ten S7ekw’í7tl iy ta Ménmenchet, Nek’íluswit s7ulh a temíxwiyekw Smenálhwit i Áyatway i Chénchenstwaywit
Chiefs, Respected leaders, Friends, Elders, Relatives, and our beloved children, our Elders are wise. They carried themselves with dignity, walked in peaceful ways supporting and sharing with one another.

Tutoring Services Request:

Squamish Nation Education, Employment & Training Department (EE&T) is offering tutoring services from a private company for all SN members K-12 who reside on and off reserve.

Application process:

  1. The parent/legal guardian must submit the Tutor Form (found under K-12 Funding), which can be found on our website:
    Submit completed forms by:
    Fax: 604-982-7659
    Drop off in person at Unit 5- 380, Welch Street, West Vancouver, BC, V7P 0A7
  2. Submit a copy of a 2019/2020 report card for your child/youth.
  3. Copy of IEP along with your request.
  4. Where there are more applications then budget available a wait list will be created.

Application Review:

  1. Once your application is complete the SN EE& T Department ASA advocates will be reviewing all completed applications by date of application.
  2. SN EE&T Department will contact the parent/ legal guardian to set up a tutoring contract.
  3. The child/youth will be set up with the private tutoring company to work out a plan. A one hour consultation will take place online and the max of 10 hours will be allotted for the school year.
  4. The parent/legal guardian is responsible to keep up with the appointments and keep in contact with the private tutoring company & SN EE& T Department.

SN EE&T Department looks forward to working with all parents & legal guardians to providing services for our men men educational journey. This year the tutoring program has adjusted due to COVID and access to outside funding. Next year SN EE&T Department will review and plan based on the number of requests received in order to meet the needs of requests.

Contact Information

Phone: 604-982-7600

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