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Is your child(ren) in need of additional academic support for this school year 2020/2021? The SN Education, Employment, and Training Department has access for tutoring support, which is offered to both on-reserve and off-reserve members. During COVID-19, it has been a challenging time to learn and our team recognizes the request for additional helping hand up. This support is for students Kindergarten to Post-Secondary studies.

Call 604-982-7600 if you have any questions.

The contact for Post-Secondary students is

CLICK HERE to view the Tutoring flyer for additional information

Autism Workshop

SN Education, Employment, and Training Department and AutismBC are co-hosting an Zoom workshop on Thursday, March 4th. We invite all SN members, guardians, and caregivers to join us to learn more about autism.

To register and for more information, call 604-982-7600 or

Workshop Details
Date: March 4, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Where: Zoom

CLICK HERE to view the Autism Workshop flyer for additional information

Kurzweil for Education

Kurzweil Education, we believe every learner deserves the opportunity to develop the literacy skills that lead to academic and personal success.
What it does: offer learners new multisensory approaches to read, comprehend, synthesize, apply, and demonstrate their knowledge. With our support, they become independent, confident learners who can achieve rigorous academic goals.

When learners are able to understand text on demand, use organizational and content management tools to jumpstart their written work, and demonstrate their knowledge, they can meet rigorous standards. They can unlock their true potential. Every learner deserves tools that help them unlock their potential. See attached flyer for additional information.

To sign up, contact or 604-982-7600.

CLICK HERE to view the Kurzweil for Education flyer

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