COVID-19 Service Changes & Updates by Department



All AMM CFS staff are available regular hours. To contact any staff member or intake service. call 604-985-4111  8:30 am-4:00 pm Monday to Friday (closed 12-1 for lunch) and leave your name, phone number, address with Reception or email

After hours contact MCFD at 604-660-4927.

The physical office remains open through the service window only, as well as phone, with minimal staff in the office (most working from home).

Food Sharing: to access food sharing or lunch bags contact 604-985-4111 or

If your name has been added to the list, you do not need to phone each week.

Families who are working with an AMM social worker: please contact your worker to discuss extra supports you may need during this time of isolation & pandemic.

Mother Bear Child Development for Essential Workers

Ayas Men Men will open Mother Bear Child Development on April 27, 2020 to provide child care in order to support essential workers who need to return to work.

The Province, in consultation with the Provincial Health Officer, defined a list of essential services that people rely on in their daily lives in the context of COVID-19 response and recovery. Child care will be prioritized for Squamish Nation members and staff who meet the provinces criteria as an essential worker.

Child care spaces will be prioritized in the following way:

  • Tier 1 (highest priority): families employed in Health and Health Services, Social Services, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Emergency Response. For child care, Tier 1 also includes children referred by MCFD and Delegated Aboriginal Agency social workers.
  • Tier 2 (second priority): families in all other occupations not included in Tier 1 that are listed in the Essential Services Workers list.
  • Tier 3 (third priority): all other families not employed in an occupation listed in the Essential Service Workers list. Accepting families in the third tier is not required but providers may at their discretion.

Child Care COVID-19 Resources:

For Childcare BC’s Covid-19 Updates:

• For the essential workers matching form: 

We will operate at half capacity to reduce the numbers of children and staff to increase our ability to physically distance. We have developed policies for staff and families to comply with in order to ensure we are meeting the guidelines recommended by Dr. Bonnie Henry Provincial Health Officer.

Physical Distancing in a child care program:

Physical distancing is challenging in a childcare setting especially with children 0-5 years of age.  We will take a common sense approach. 

Procedures we have implemented:

  • Reduce contact with parents/guardians and other staff in the program
  • Ensure the health, safety and dignity of children by attending to their individual needs (eg. diapering, feeding, comforting etc.)
  • Children might need comfort toys, use your best judgement as how to meet this need
  • Take children outside more often
  • Set up small group activities.
  • Increase the space between children during activities such as snack and lunch by moving or separating tables and chairs so they are farther apart.
  • Make use of all the space in your facility for napping to increase space between children.
  • Set up distinct areas for children who may have symptoms of illness until they can be picked.
  • Discourage any food or drink sharing

If you have questions or if families are interested in accessing child care spaces please direct questions to Tanya Brown,, Manager Mother Bear Child Development, at 604-319-7286 or

Mother Bear and Shewaynewas Family Programing this week:

Activity kits being dropped off to children and families.

Monday to Friday:

  • 9:30-10:30am: online program session includes daily routines, lessons, story time, craft time
  • 10:30: Sempulyan cultural time
  • 2:30-3:30: program session time; includes daily routines, play, lessons, crafts
  • 3:30: Sempulyan cultural time

Activity bags and crafts will be door-dropped to participants, Zoom check-in, Speech and language Zoom sessions with Arlene. Occupational therapist, physical therapist sessions can also be set up through Zoom.

Play therapist and therapy sessions and check-ins set up through Zoom or phone. Activity kits door drop.

Youth Services Team: available by email or phone and will be working remotely to connect with youth via video chat, text, phone and social media.  To request service, please call 604-985-4111

Guardianship Team: All team members available by phone and will be working remotely.

Daily contact with their children and caregivers will be done via phone, FaceTime, text to ensure safety, contact and supports are provided.

Call Team Leader Hannah Rushton for any additional supports.

Family Support Services Team: All team members are working remotely and available by email and cell phone.

Social worker will be on call to respond to intake calls/needs; there is a rotating calendar.

Members can call our regular line 604-985-4111 to connect with a social worker M-F, 8:30-4:00.

All protection concerns will be referred to MCFD.

Workers to connect with their families by phone to offer supports. If additional supports are needed, please call Team Leader Jared Van Somer.

Resource & Wellness Team: All team members are working remotely and available by email and cell phone. If any additional supports are required, please call Team Leader Bunny Leblanc.



North Van. Gas Bar (Mobil): Hours of operation: 7am – 9pm, 7 days a week

North Van. Smoke Shop: Only 1 customer allowed in the shop at a time. Hours of Operation:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am to 4 pm
  • Tuesday 11 am to 4 pm


Closed until further notice.



Community Operations will only conduct home visits for emergency matters (such as water, plumbing, electrical, appliance, and gas issues) to reduce risk of spreading Coronavirus. All other maintenance requests will be postponed until the situation is under control.

All heating and plumbing issues will take priority and be addressed by Field Repair staff.

If a staff member must enter a home he/she will be required to wear protective clothing (mask, gloves etc.) Contractors will be used when necessary.

Please call 604-980-8655 during regular office hours and 604-690-0729 for emergencies after hours.



Council will be meeting via teleconferencing until social/physical distancing measures are lifted.



Income Assistance: Building is closed to visitors. For services call 604-988-8807 or 604-985-7711 and the receptionist will set up a phone appointment with an IA Officer. All services will be done via telephone. Please submit any paperwork through the mail slot at the Eslha7an Learning Centre front door.

Eslha7an Learning Centre:  Building is closed to visitors. Please call 604-985-7711 for a phone appointment. The school will re-open based on SD 44 updates. Please submit any paperwork through the mail slot at the Eslha7an Learning Centre front door.

Stitsma Career Centre: Building is closed to visitors. For services, call 604-985-7711 to make phone appointment for Frances Stegner or Barb Vincent in North Vancouver. For Squamish Valley services, call Devan Williams at 778-327-8129.

Please submit any paperwork through the mail slot at the Eslha7an Learning Centre front door.

Current clients can call and leave a message for their worker and they will be called back within 24 hrs.   The office continues to be closed to the public.  Please submit any paper work through the mail slot at the Eslha7an Learning Centre front door.

Trades & Training Centre: During the day, please use the building number 604-980-7946 to contact staff.

New programs postponed until further notice.

Xwémelch’stn Etsimxwawtxw (Capilano Littlest Ones School):  Providing remote learning for students as per the Minister of Education directive until further notice. School remains closed to in-school instruction.

Please contact Jody Miki, Principal or Melina Joseph, Admin Assistant 604-985-1515 during this time.

Parents, please visit for learning community updates.

The main school building remains open to school staff with pre-scheduled times confirmed with Jody Miki to ensure social distancing guidelines and cleaning protocols are maintained.

Post secondary program: Support available remotely, contact Lisa Newman (nee Paull) 604-338-4129.

K-12 supports: Contact Cherie Baker for High School 778-939-9148; Vanessa Small Legs for Elementary 604-908-3265; Inclusive Education Catherine Wairimu 604-318-1569.

ASA: The ASA team is no longer doing assessments until it is safe to do so.



As of Friday, March 20, the Elders Centre in North Vancouver is closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Lucie Neliba & Denise Yelton are in contact with our Elders.



Continuing as usual with Payroll, Income Assistance, Distribution, Accounts Payable.



All staff are working from home.

Language Nest is offering continued language learning online. Providing families one-one and group language learning online, along with short video language clips on the Nest’s Facebook page.

The mentor-apprentice (MAP) language teams are working online.

Preparing curriculum for Norgate, Carson and Esllha7an students learning online.

Working on developing content for department Facebook page for language and culture learning online. Find our new page on Facebook at “Ta na wa Ns7éyx̱nitm ta Snew̓iyálh – Language & Cultural Affairs.”

Working with Communications department on PSA for the community.



All Member Services staff are in the office — new hours 10-3pm; we encourage all members to complete an intake via telephone or email.

Call 604-980-4553 during office hours. Please ask to speak to an Intake Officer.

After hours emergencies or Elder requests, please call our emergency lines at 604-505-3776 or 604-374-1126.

Elders (65+) food distribution: In collaboration with AMM, we will be handing out care packages bi-weekly. We have an ongoing list of 207 Elders for all reserves (NV and SV).

Fish and Cleaning products:  We are setting up another distribution for families that missed the On-Reserve delivery and Off Reserve hand out.  We ask that those families that missed the first distribution to please call the main office and ask for Tallia Reginald for date and time for the next distribution at the Fish Freezer located at 12 Bewick Ave on the Mission Reserve.



Office operating at reduced hours. All staff are working remotely. Staff continuing to work with outside contractors on site if construction is underway on Capital Projects and individual homes

If you require assistance, please email or call 604-904-7474



Totem Hall is closed to members and visitors until further notice.

Reception staff are answering calls from 9:00 am-3:00 pm, Monday-Friday. 604-892-5166.

For urgent requests, please contact Michelle George, Squamish Valley Administrator, at 604-356-4418

Administration: Lisa Baker 604-849-0284 & Josie Harry 604-815-1936 will rotate and handle calls. Staff to work remotely when possible.

Yuustway Home Care Workers: still providing service:

  • Home Care Manager Samantha Clarke – working 604-982-0332
  • Sasha Nahanee, Health Benefits Manager – working 604-848-4322
  • Shayna Sander, Wellness Clinician – working from home, emails/talking to clients 604-374-0759
  • Clare Robinson Health Benefits (water testing) – in office for any emergencies
  • Christine Baker Manager – in office 604-849-3223

Band Member Services: Patricia Brown 604-815-9099 & Josie Harry 604-815-1936 will work with North Vancouver to field calls

Education: Associate department head working in office full time Monday to Friday. First Nation Support Workers are working closely with SD#48 to provide support to Indigenous families providing weekly Family check ins to determine if families need lap tops, bagged breakfast & lunches, tech. support. SD#48 is going to do online learning.

Elders: contact Justine 604-848-5190 or Gwen Baker 604-815-3445 for any support required.

Employment & Training: Working from home. Devan Williams & Laurie Baker (Income Assistance). Devan E&T C 778-327-8129 

Ayas Men Men: see details under “Ayas Men Men” section heading.

Ayas Lam Family Program:

  • For Families – Carmen Hartle cell 604-849-3330
  • Public Health Nurse Liz Grant cell 604-815-3899
  • Samantha Tanas 604-848-2278
    • Daily Family Circles on-line, in and out of program house – delivering family packages
    • Additional staff on call for assistance, where needed

Community Operations: Field repair staff working on Emergency basis for Health and Safety items. Emergency Contact 604-815-7116 or

Recreation: providing Bagged lunches & hot meals to community in partnership with AMM. Offering online fitness programs on Facebook – contact department for schedule



Youth Centre will be offering bagged lunches for the community and will deliver the bags. There is a limited quantity each day. Items in bag can include sandwiches, fruit, and snacks.

Call 604-985-4111 between 10AM – 3PM and leave your name, phone number, address with reception or email to sign up.



All Health staff working as an essential service. The Health Centre is advising to call first before being seen by a health professional: 604-982-0332

If you are experiencing personal crisis, we recommend that you call Kuu-Us Crisis Line:

  • Adults/Elders: 250-723-4050
  • Child/Youth: 250-723-2040
  • Toll Free Line: 1-800-588-8717

Counselling: Community Health and Wellness will be taking calls for counselling

  • Counselling (concurrent, mental health & addiction) and support work provided by Heather Andrew, Eileen Guss and Shayna Sander (Squamish Valley) will be offered on the phone, skype, FaceTime. Exceptions will be considered if there is crisis in the community.

Public Health Nurse Hours: Laura Tayler-Hanson – Mon-Wed 9-5, laura.tayler–; Karen Jorgensen – Th-Fri, 8:30-4:45,

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