COVID-19 Community Update – February 12

Community Cases

There are active cases in the community. We must continue to follow all of the general COVID safety protocols to keep our families and community safe. As a reminder, you can do this by:

• Not holding or attending social gatherings and keeping to your core bubble; for most people this is your immediate household (people who live in your home). For others, including people who live alone, their core bubble may include one or two people outside of those living in your immediate household.
• Keeping 2m/6ft distance between you and anyone outside your bubble
• Wearing a mask anywhere that social distancing may be a challenge
• Washing your hands frequently, or using hand sanitizer when you’re unable to wash your hands
• Not touching your face

COVID-19 Vaccine Timing Update

We do not yet know when the Squamish Nation will receive the COVID-19 vaccine. That said, we want to reassure our members that we are planning carefully so that the vaccination process is safe, comfortable and efficient. The Yúustway Health Department will be contacting on-reserve members who are in our system to find out how many members over the age of 18 are planning on receiving the vaccine. This is to help with pre-planning the vaccine clinics.

We are in frequent contact with health officials and will continue to update to the community as we get more information. This includes providing members who live off-reserve with information about how they can get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Recently, you may have read about the Nuxalk Nation and COVID-19 vaccines intended for their Nation. It is upsetting to hear that less than a third of the vaccines were distributed in the community.

We are all united in navigating through this pandemic. We hope that this matter is resolved soon and our thoughts are with the Nuxalk Nation.

About the COVID-19 Vaccines

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have undergone rigorous clinical testing and Health Canada has approved them as safe for use.
If after receiving the vaccine, you are exposed to COVID-19 or COVID-19 enters your body, your immune system knows exactly what to do because it recognizes the coronavirus as a foreign substance and will know how to destroy the virus before it can make you sick.

After you are vaccinated, you might feel some pain around where you received your injection and mild flu-like symptoms. These are signs that your vaccine and your immune system are working. The vaccines don’t include any part of the virus.

For more information about how the vaccine works:
FNHA video about the COVID-19 vaccine:

We recognize that some members may be concerned about the COVID-19 vaccine. It is important to seek information from reliable sources. If you are concerned about COVID-19 or the vaccine, reach out to a health professional, physician or a nurse for more information. Contact Yúustway Health & Wellness at 604-982-0332 and Kal’numet Primary Care at 604-985-2052 to be connected to the information you need.

COVID-19 Member Support

If you test positive for COVID-19, you are asked to self-isolate for 14 days. If you came into contact with someone who tested positive, were exposed to COVID-19 or have been advised by Vancouver Coastal Health, you are also required to stay home (quarantine) and monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

If you have tested positive or been exposed and have any questions regarding self-isolation periods, please call 8-1-1. The Nation does not receive names of confirmed cases or members advised to self-isolate/quarantine. Please reach out to us if you require support.

Squamish Nation members can call the Member Services Department to receive emergency assistance and care while you isolate: 604-982-7610 during office hours or 604-505-3776 after hours.


Member Services Department: 604-982-7610 during office hours or 604-505-3776 after hours
Yúustway Health & Wellness: 604-982-0332
Kal’numet Primary Care: 604-985-2052
Squamish Nation Guardians: 604-374-2687

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