COVID-19 Community Update – September 4, 2020

Current numbers

We have not received any updates since yesterday, so our total remains at 26 cases as of this afternoon.

Community Care Packages

Today, our hard-working teams delivered 710 care packages to on-reserve households, and have prepared an additional 200 for Monday’s off-reserve pickup.

We want to acknowledge each and every person who contributed to making today’s delivery possible. We also want to thank IFNU and Telus for sending some extra helping hands to assist with loading everything up on the trucks.

We hope you and your families enjoy the contents of these packages.

Long weekend communications

We wanted to let our members know that we will be taking a break from the full Facebook Live updates over the long weekend. However, we will continue to post updates to Facebook and the Squamish Nation website as they become available.

We’ll be back on Tuesday for our next Facebook Live.

Enjoying the long weekend safely & staying connected

The long weekend is here, but COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, and we need to continue to do what we’ve been doing for the last week.

For those who aren’t self-isolating, we encourage you to get outside and enjoy the nice weather this weekend. But please, do it safely. We need to be diligent as a Nation, and as a community.

Stick with your small bubble, and limit any interactions with those outside your bubble to a minimum of 2 metres/6 feet away, and preferably outdoors.

This is not the time to interact closely with anyone outside your bubble. Please help us flatten the curve in our community by keeping your bubble very small.

We must be careful and have a balance between fun and safety this long weekend, and onwards to the future until this virus has left our communities and our lands.

Your actions this weekend will make a difference in our community, and we thank you all for everything you have done thus far. Let’s continue to make the right choices for our community so our Nation can get through this.

For those who are in isolation, be sure to open your window, breathe in the fresh air, let the sun shine on your face. Stay connected with friends and loved ones digitally.

Please know you are not alone. We are here for you as a Nation. If you need support over the long weekend, call the Member Services after-hours line at 604-505-3776.

We’re all in this together. We will get through it together.

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