COVID-19 Community Update – September 30

Current numbers
We have received confirmation of no new cases since our last update, leaving our total number of cases at 43 (39 lab confirmed, 4 epi-linked).

We have requested an update on the number of cases that have been cleared by public health, but have not yet received that information. As of last week, 35 cases had been cleared, but that number has likely changed.

The sacrifices we are all making to keep our bubbles small and keep visits safe by socially distancing and/or wearing masks are truly making a difference. We raise our hands to each and every one of you for your commitment to the health and safety of our community.

Frequency of updates
Now that our numbers of active cases has gone down significantly, we wanted to check in with members and find out what you would like to see in terms of communications moving forward.

We’d like to present a few options, and invite you to reply to this email indicating your preference.

Option 1: Continue with updates three times a week, regardless of whether or not we have new information to report.

Option 2: Move to scheduled Facebook Live updates once a week, with any new information that comes in between the updates posted to the COVID-19 page of our website and also emailed out.

Option 3: Take a break from the Facebook Live updates for now, and only provide updated numbers by email and posted to the COVID-19 page on the website.

Please note that all three options are taking into consideration the current trends in our numbers. We would, of course, re-evaluate if we were to see another spike in the number of cases.

Public Health Measures
As always, let’s keep up the great work by continuing to:
• Keep your bubble small
• Maintain 2m/6ft distance between you and anyone outside your bubble
• Wear a mask anywhere that social distancing may be a challenge
• Wash your hands frequently
• Don’t touch your face

Reminder re: Isolation Supports through Member Services
If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Member Services team is providing a wide range of assistance to meet the needs of those in isolation.

Call 604-982-7610 during business hours, or 604-505-3776 after hours.

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