COVID-19 Community Update – September 25

Current numbers
As of yesterday, there were no new cases of COVID-19 reported within the community. We have not received any updates information for today.

Our total cases are 43 (39 lab confirmed, 4 epi-linked). No new data on recovery has been received since last week. 35 of the 43 cases have been cleared, leaving 8 active cases in the community.

Chet kw’enmantúmiyap (we thank you all) for continuing with your commitment to help us flatten the curve in our communities.

Now that the cold and flu season is upon us, it’s important that we all make sure to take those symptoms seriously.

If you believe you may have symptoms of COVID-19, call 8-1-1. The symptoms most commonly found with COVID-19 infection include: fever, sore throat, loss of appetite, chills, loss of sense of smell or taste, nausea and vomiting, cough or exacerbation of chronic cough, headache, muscle aches, shortness of breath, fatigue, runny nose, diarrhea.

Feel sick? Get tested. Anyone with cold, influenza or COVID-like symptoms can now be assessed and receive a COVID-19 test from a physician, nurse or local community collection centre. COVID-19 testing in not recommended for those without symptoms.

There are two testing sites on the North Shore for anyone showing symptoms: one at the Primary Care Centre on Esplanade, and another in the Centennial Theatre parking lot.

In Squamish, testing is done at the Squamish General Hospital and in the parking lot of the Shady Tree Pub.

While waiting for your results, please self-isolate. Those who have tested positive will be contacted by Public Health directly.

How to self-isolate
Even if your test results come back negative, you should self-isolate for 10 days. It is possible you could have received a false negative and self-isolating will help contain this virus.

Stay home for at least 10 days after the onset of symptoms
• Do not go to work, school or public areas (ex. Shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.)
• Do not use public transportation, taxis or rideshares
• If leaving your home for medical care, call ahead and tell the medical facility that you are coming in so they can prepare for you
• Do not have visitors to your home
• Avoid contact with others in your home (stay and sleep in a separate room away from others in your home)
• Keep away for seniors and people with chronic medical conditions

Recovery and ending isolation:
• You are required to stay home and isolate for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of any symptoms. You may return to your regular activities if: After 10 days, you feel better, your fever has resolved AND your other symptoms have improved
• Coughing may persist for several weeks, so coughing alone does not require you to continue to isolate
• If your illness worsens or you require medical care because you have a medical condition that puts you at greater risk for severe illness, your health-care provider may require you to isolate until testing can confirm that you have recovered from the virus.

Squamish Nation Office
Firstly, we want to raise our hands to all of our staff for the incredible work over the past month in particular, as we’ve come together and responded to the clusters in the community while maintaining critical programs and services. We are seeing very positive trends and results from these efforts with significant reductions in new cases and active cases.

The senior leadership team has come together and recently concluded that they are confident that we have the tools and supports necessary to bring employees back into the workplaces, while maintaining the health and safety of our teams and our families. Beginning Monday, staff will begin a gradual return to the offices.

It will be up to each Director to determine how they phase their department returns to the workplace but please keep in mind that the priority will be for those who have been unable to work from home due to the nature of their roles.

It is extremely important that we are vigilant in our efforts to comply with all of the general COVID safety protocols and specifically our own department/program COVID Safety Plans. We will all be actively engaged in monitoring compliance with protocols and plans and that we hold each other accountable for keeping each other safe.

The Squamish Nation is a family, we support each other, we help each other, and through our collective efforts we can keep our family safe.

Reminder re: Masks & Gloves Available
A reminder that we have both fabric and disposable masks available, as well as disposable gloves. If you or any members of your household need masks or gloves, please call 604-982-7610 to request these items.

Please note that these items are not restricted to households who are self-isolating. Masks and gloves will be distributed upon request to all members who need them.

Public Health Measures
As always, let’s keep up the great work by continuing to:
• Keep your bubble small
• Maintain 2m/6ft distance between you and anyone outside your bubble
• Wear a mask anywhere that social distancing may be a challenge
• Wash your hands frequently
• Don’t touch your face

Reminder re: Isolation Supports through Member Services
If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Member Services team is providing a wide range of assistance to meet the needs of those in isolation.

Call 604-982-7610 during business hours, or 604-505-3776 after hours.

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