COVID-19 Community Update – January 29

Community Cases

There are active cases in the community. We need to keep up the good work of continuing to protect our community and our loved ones. We must continue to comply with all of the general COVID safety protocols.

We can do this by:
• Not holding or attending social gatherings and keeping to your core bubble; for most people this is your immediate household (people who live in your home). For others, including people who live alone, their core bubble may include one or two people outside of those living in your immediate household.
• Keeping 2m/6ft distance between you and anyone outside your bubble
• Wearing a mask anywhere that social distancing may be a challenge
• Washing your hands frequently, or using hand sanitizer when you’re unable to wash your hands
• Not touching your face

COVID-19 Information and Member Support

If you test positive for COVID-19, you are asked to self-isolate for 14 days. If you came into contact with someone who tested positive, were exposed to COVID-19 or have been advised by Vancouver Coastal Health, you are to stay home (quarantine) and monitor for symptoms for 14 days. Call 8-1-1 if you have any questions regarding self-isolation or COVID-19.

The Nation does not receive names of confirmed cases or members advised to self-isolate/quarantine. Please reach out to us if you require support.

Squamish Nation members can call the Member Services Department to receive emergency assistance and care while you isolate: 604-982-7610 during office hours or 604-505-3776 after hours.

COVID-19 Vaccine

There is no update on when the Squamish Nation will receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We have no confirmed dates at this time, but will provide updates to the community as more information becomes available.

Questions from Members

Why isn’t the Squamish Valley considered ’rural’ and receiving early access to the vaccine, like a few First Nations communities?

First doses were provided to indigenous communities based on their proximity to health care services and hospitals, etc. Therefore the more remote and rural communities received the vaccine first. Some First Nations communities on Vancouver Island and other regions had high case counts at the time of the rollout, which is why they received the vaccine early.

As of last Wednesday, there were three First Nations communities in the Vancouver Coastal Health region who have received the vaccine.

How do members who live off-reserve access the COVID-19 vaccine? What if a member lives outside of the Vancouver Coastal area (ex. Vancouver Island)?

Any community member who lives off-reserve in Greater Vancouver will be vaccinated through a Vancouver Coastal Health facility. If a member lives on another reserve, they may have the opportunity to be vaccinated there, based on their age and if they have a compromised immune system. We will provide more information to members who live off-reserve about accessing the COVID-19 vaccine, as information becomes available.

Please clarify the time between doses for both vaccines?

The timeline between doses is between 21 and 42 days depending on the provider and the access to the vaccine. Please note that this information changes often.

The World Health Organization and the Canadian National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) support up to 42 days between doses. This allows for a greater number of people to receive the important protection from a first dose of vaccine, given the limited vaccine supply currently and high rates of COVID-19 transmission.

Most people will receive an immunization record. Keep your record of immunization as it contains important information about the date and type of vaccine you receive. Bring your immunization card with you when you get your second dose. The second dose of the vaccine will be of the same kind as the first dose.

For more information on the vaccine and doses:

BC Vaccine Rollout

As you may have heard, the British Columbia COVID-19 vaccine rollout was announced last week. It provides new information on the phases, groups, and timelines for distributing the vaccine in the province.

Phase 1 (Current phase)
Timeline: December 2020 to February 2021

Phase 1 includes:
• Residents and staff of long-term care facilities
• Individuals assessed for and awaiting long-term care
• Residents and staff of assisted living residences
• Essential visitors to long-term care facilities and assisted living residences
• Hospital health care workers who may provide care for COVID-19 patients
• Remote and isolated Indigenous communities

Phase 2
Timeline: February to March 2021

Phase 2 includes:
• Seniors aged 80 and over who are not immunized in Phase 1
• Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) seniors age 65 and over
• Hospital staff, community general practitioners and medical specialists not immunized in
Phase 1
• Vulnerable populations living and working in select congregated settings
• Staff in community home support and nursing services for seniors

Phase 3
Timeline: April to June 2021

Phase 3 includes:
• People aged 79 to 60, in five year increments
• People aged 69 to 16 who are clinically extremely vulnerable

Phase 4
Timeline: July to September 2021

Phase 4 includes:
• People aged 59 to 18, in five year increments

The timeline for B.C.’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan depends on vaccine supply, so it may change based on to vaccine availability. The federal government is working to obtain as much vaccine as possible to distribute to provinces and territories.

You will not miss your chance to the get the vaccine when a new phase starts. Once you become eligible, you are always eligible. For example if you are eligible in Phase 2, you can get the vaccine in Phase 3 or Phase 4.

For full details on the upcoming phases of the BC vaccine rollout:
Government of BC:

COVID-19 Vaccine Scam

There are emails circulating and websites offering to sell COVID-19 vaccines, and they are a scam. These scams take advantage of genuine fears, targeting those who are most vulnerable in our communities.
• Do not buy or use COVID-19 vaccines sold on the internet, as they are counterfeit, may pose risks to health, and are ineffective at protecting an individual from the COVID-19 virus.
• The only way to access safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines is through clinics organized or endorsed by your local public health authority, in collaboration with federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Visit reliable and trusted sources of information, like the Government of Canada’s website:

Phone Numbers

Member Services Department: 604-982-7610 during office hours or 604-505-3776 after hours.

Health Department
Yúustway Health & Wellness: 604-982-0332
Kal’numet Primary Care: 604-985-2052

Squamish Nation’s Guardians: 604-374-2687

To request a Squamish Nation COVID-19 lawn sign (not accepting visitors at this time):
Squamish Valley: 604-892-5166
North Vancouver: 604-982-7600

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