S7ulh kwis Úxwumixw
Our Way of Being a Nation

Constitution Project

S7ulh kwis Úxwumixw (Our Way of Being a Nation) is the name given to the Squamish Nation’s project to develop a constitution. The project was formed from a mandate from the Squamish People through Resolution 1-2022 from the Squamish Nation People’s Assembly held in November 2022.

The constitution will set out the foundational principles, authorities, limitations, and structures of the Squamish Nation government. As per People’s Assembly Resolution 1-2022, a Squamish Nation constitution could include topics such as the:

  • Fundamental principles of the Skwx̱wú7meshulh and how it is to be governed.
  • Sḵwx̱wú7meshulh system of government, including specific responsibilities on the Squamish Nation government.
  • Aboriginal, Indigenous, civil, and human rights and the responsibilities of Members and non-members.
  • Mechanisms for the protection of the interests of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Stélmexw.
  • Rights of the lands, waters, and environment of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh territory.
  • Principles that speak to the management of our territory.
  • The formula for making amendments to the constitution.
  • Provisions to deal with financial administration that speaks to the management of our funds; and,
  • Other matters.

The constitution will be brought to the people in a referendum during the next general election in September 2025.

Working Group | Call for Applications

Nexwsxwníw̓ntm ta Úxwumix (Council) is currently accepting applications for the S7ulh kwis Úxwumixw (Our Way of Being a Nation) Working Group.

Individuals appointed to the Working Group play a critical role in the S7ulh kwis Úxwumixw constitutional development. The Working Group will have oversight responsibilities to ensure that all meetings, activities, and processes operate within Squamish Nation policies & procedures and to the highest ethical standards.

Deadline to apply extended: May 22, 2023

The Working Group will be comprised of ten (10) Squamish Nation Members, appointed by Council:  
  • Two (2) Elders
  • Two (2) Youths
  • Two (2) On-Reserve
  • Two (2) Off-Reserve
  • Two (2) Councillors

About the Working Group

Please submit the following documents for consideration:

Please apply through one of the following ways (Note: The Working Group is appointed by Council, but applications go to Office of the CAO Attn: Colleen Guss):

  • Email your application form and supporting documents to Colleen_Guss@squamish.net (preferred). Please enter “Constitution Working Group Application” in the subject line of your email.
  • Drop off your application at 320 Seymour Blvd, North Vancouver, BC, V7J 2J3, Attn: Office of the CAO, Colleen Guss. Or,
  • Mail your application to PO Box 86131 North Vancouver, BC, V7L 4J5, Attn: Office of the CAO, Colleen Guss.

Deadline for Applications Extended: May 22, 2023

The primary goals of the S7ulh kwis Úxwumixw Working Group include, but are not limited to:

  • Guide the development of the Squamish Nation Constitution.
  • Provide direction for the development of the Work Plan.
  • Monitor performance against established goals and objectives.
  • Engage with the Squamish Nation Community to understand their interests, concerns, and aspirations for a constitution.
  • Organize and mobilize Squamish Nation members to participate in the constitution referendum.
  • Ensure that reporting, monitoring, and accountability obligations are met.

Members of the S7ulh kwis Úxwumixw (Our Way of Being a Nation) Working Group are expected to attend meetings either in person, by telephone, or via videoconference. Additional meetings may be called as needed. Members of the Working Group may be asked to participate in other events and meetings from time to time. In addition to meetings, members of the Working Group must be able to allocate time to reviewing documents, preparing reports, and attending any required information/training sessions.

To learn more about the role, view the full call for applications here.

When selecting individuals, Council will also consider other factors like gender, community service, relevant experience, knowledge, and other considerations so that there is a diverse group of perspectives on the Working Group.

Individuals that are employed by Squamish Nation are eligible to be appointed to the working group in their own personal capacity but must act independently of their role within the administration. Individuals will not be appointed as part of their staff role. The Squamish Nation

Council retains the right to remove Working Group members at their discretion. All Working Group members will be provided an honorarium for their time.

To learn more about the role, view the full call for applications here.

Council will appoint the members of the S7ulh kwis Úxwumixw (Our Way of Being a Nation) Working Group in June 2023.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your application, please call 604-980-4553 and ask to speak with Colleen Guss, Office of the CAO, or email Colleen_Guss@squamish.net.