CN Rail Community Impact Survey

Over the years, we have heard many Squamish Nation members share concerns around the impacts of CN Rail train activity through and/or next to our reserves in North Vancouver and the Squamish Valley.

After an informative meeting with the City of North Vancouver and CN Rail, the Squamish Nation will be reconvening a working group comprised of Nation representatives, CN Rail, and other levels of government to discuss community concerns around idling, air quality, noise pollution, and other disruptive train-related activities.

We launched a survey in December 2020 to collect detailed reports from affected members. These reports will help us to:
1. Understand and articulate the exact nature of members’ concerns, including details of how the train activity is negatively impacting members’ lives;
2. Develop a set of recommendations for consideration by CN Rail and responsible government bodies, with the aim of mitigating these concerns as much as possible; and
3. Advocate on behalf of impacted members to CN Rail and various other levels of government.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. Your feedback is important.


Members can also download a letter from Peter Baker, Director of Rights & Title, here to learn more about the Nation’s advocacy and engagement work relating to CN Rail concerns.

You can read the CN Rail letter- Next Steps shared on April 3, 2021 here

If you have any questions about the survey or our work to address CN-related issues, please email

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