Chiy̓áxw Advisory Committees | Apply Now!

The Chiy̓áxw Child and Family Law Project is seeking applicants for two committees:

  • Chiy̓áxw Members Advisory Committee
  • Chiy̓áxw Knowledge Keepers Committee

Apply below or contact for more information.

What is the Chiy̓áxw Child and Family Law Project?
Chiy̓áxw (laws) defined the roles of each family member within collectively managed communities and the tasks that were assigned and completed by each person to ensure the safety and sustainability of the Nation people on an on-going basis.

In January 2020, Canada passed legislation An Act respecting First Nation, Inuit, and Metis, children, youth, and families. This Federal law makes it possible for First Nations across Canada to legally take over full control and management of services to children, youth, and families. In April 2021 in response to the above opportunity, Council approved a Project Team to conduct a survey of Members “Whether the Nation should proceed to explore a Nation Law option for delivering services to children and families”. Over 80% of respondents favored moving to Nation Law.

What makes this opportunity unique?
It allows the Nation to exercise our inherent right to care for our own children consistent with The Constitution Act 1982 and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. More importantly, it allows the Nation to define our law as it applies to our children and families, to develop the services that are supportive to families and to deliver the services in a culturally appropriate way that is centered on our own values, beliefs, and ways of being.

The Member Advisory Committee will consist of a committee of five to seven people whose members typically will be Squamish Nation Members with a desire to contribute to collective team solutions for child and family needs and challenges. The Member Advisory Committee’s input towards the creation of a law pertaining to the care of Nation children will be the cornerstone of a future Child and Family Services Chiy̓áxw.

The Knowledge Keepers Advisory Committee will consist of a committee of five to seven people whose members will typically be from one of the following groups: Elders, Hereditary Chiefs, and Keepers of traditional and cultural knowledge.  Their recommendations will ensure that policies and procedures are delivered according to Squamish culture and protocols.

Criteria of Committee members
Five to seven Committee members will be selected for each committee. Committee members should match any of the criteria below. A member shall have experience or interest in or knowledge of:

  • Squamish Nation history and traditional practices in caring for and keeping Nation children safe.
  • Representing the Nation on Community Committees and Boards.
  • The current child and family policies and services that serve Nation children and families and a commitment to recommend service change and service delivery.
  • Sharing the work of the committee with other Nation Members.
  • Current or previous work with Ayás Mén̓men, childcare, or other agencies and programs that offer services to children.

Role and Responsibilities of the Advisory Committees

Each Committee member must:

  • Meet monthly and attend a minimum of eight meetings per year (times and dates to be established by the appointed Group).
  • Committee members are responsible for attending all monthly meetings, reading all prepared materials provided in advance of a meeting and for being prepared to submit recommendations.
  • Contribute expertise, thoughts, ideas, and recommendations for developing a Squamish centered child and family service that will be delivered under Nation Law.
  • Share thoughts, stories, opinions and make recommendations on “best practices” as they would typically be addressed “in the long ago”.
  • Consult with or discuss the meeting agenda items with Nation Members.
  • Participate in two community meetings per year (on a panel).
  • Contribute to producing an Advisory Group Annual Report.
  • Allow your name to be published (Nation newsletter as a member of the Committee).

The Chiy̓áxw Member Advisory Committee will:

  • Recommend future service changes to each of the service components inclusive of the use of cultural definitions, terminology, practices, resources, and protocols.
  • Support, advise and make recommendations on developing a process for the transition of child protection services from MCFD to the jurisdiction of Squamish Nation Law (Chiy̓áxw).
  • Ensure that the core qualities and definitions of “being Squamish” are retained, visible and included at all levels in the Law, the policies, the regulations, the program, and service definitions and in how the services are delivered by social workers and other support staff.

Apply below, or download a nomination form and submit it to Ayás Mén̓men.
Drop off: Unit 2, 380 Welch Street, West Vancouver, BC

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